Monday, April 10, 2006

Short Weekend

I think my weekends always feel really short. Like if I blink too fast they are already gone.

Friday night was a very nice, relaxing evening with my girls. I got a sweet bag full of all kinds of beauty products and a beautiful potted pink tulip. Isn't it so cheery!? One of the girls made a very yummy stuffed porkchop dish, we had a fruit salad, lime bars and an amazing home-made ice cream cake. Oh, it was all so good! I wish I had a birthday more often. Don't forget only four more shopping days!

Saturday we slept in a bit. I made stellar scrambled eggs and we took a lovely walk in the springtime air. Around 1 in the afternoon about 20 kids came over with their parents to do a recording for an event later this month. They are such great kids. And very entertaining to listen to! They aren't all perfect vocalists, but they have big hearts and love singing.

I don't remember what I did the rest of the day. I think just some tidying. Some laundry. And I did watch Chocolat.Ok, sob apprarently I do remember.

We had some wonderful friends come over for salmon & rice (of course!) in the evening. I got some food counseling (I really need to eat better) and hubby got a listening ear in the studio as well as someone to play Star Wars Legos with on the GameCube.

Sunday was a busy day as usual. Since we have a family event coming up this week at our church for Easter, I had my kids group sing for prelude in the morning services. They were great! We left for home early to get lunch ready as we were having some friends over for lunch, and we enjoyed a great afternoon of company and conversation.

Then we ran back to church again after that because hubby was playing in the evening service and I had rehearsal with my band for the family event. The kids get better every time they play. I still have so much to learn as far as leading them. I had a lesson last night with hubby on how to help them change keys and how to better let them know what I want them to do. And I actually practiced myself for a bit. I must get in a better habit. I think hubby also needs to kick me in the tush more.

And of course the evening ended well with a good rerun of Grey with more friends. I am still catching up on the beginning of this year's season so I was happy and we had a great night with a huge bowl of popcorn.

A long week ahead. But with coffee and a little grace, I will make it.

Hugs to all!


heather said...

well - what a packed weekend! whew. i can't even believe all you do (and all the energy it takes to do what you do!). i think you deserve a couch night tonight. :)

anne said... Maybe after grocery shopping tomorrow night.

Tonight I have small group. And I ashamedly have not done my lesson yet. But I will! I will!

n said...

I want to come over on Sunday nights and watch my 2 favorite shows with you! Instead I watch them long after you're asleep for the night.

It sounds like you had a fun but crazy weekend! Keep drinking that coffee! Only 4 more days to go... :)

anne said...

Oh my sweet N...I can't wait until you can come over and snuggle on the couch with me and watch my Sunday Stories!