Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What's for Dinner Wednesday #2

This week I was able to make a lovely dinner for my hubby on Tuesday. I'm holding my breath that I'll be able to cook something again tonight. It doesn't happen very often in my house that we are both home at the same time and around dinner.

I found a great salmon recipe on Lots of herbs and garlic & onion. I'm often a bit skeptical about making anything other than a sweet salmon, but this turned out beautifully. I even put a bit of fresh parsley from my garden on top!

Yummy! And of course, I always make it with wild rice on the side...and a vegetable.

What are you making for dinner tonight? Anything good from last night?


Shawn said...

Salmon eh? We went for the good ole staple of Taco Bell at about 10pm. Mmm Mmm. I was gone at dinner time because of kickball practice (yes- I said kickball) and Katie is busying studying her cute little butt off for her finals that start tomorrow morning. Speaking of which, if you think of it, please keep her in your prayers. Her finals go through next wednesday and she is pretty worried about them. Thanks!!

anne said...

I don't recall ever playing kickball with you before. But I'm sure you're good. You're speedy at least.

Kickball. HA!

Shawn said...

I am the fastest guy on the team ;) It's pretty sweet- Little Rock has an adult kickball league. There are actually about 60 teams in the league! We play for about 2 months every spring and again in the fall. So this is my 3rd season of it. It's pretty laid back and fun. People will bring beer coolers right out on the field with them and even wear crazy costumes. Definitely a good way to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon :)

sarah cool said...

MMMM! That looks amazing!! (except the peas... that's the one veggie I just can't stomach, for some reason!)

anne said...

I loooove peas. : ) Especially fresh out of the garden, picked right off the stem!