Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who's Up for an Adventure!?

A friend of mine has always loved going on adventures, taking his family on adventures and simply experiencing life with a higher love for excitement. He has competed in adventure races, led men's biking groups and has now even started his own business in helping you create your own adventures!

Really now, this is genius. Not only can you get all the equipment you could ever need for hiking, biking, kayaking, mountain climbing, exploring the great unknown etc and so forth; but he will actually plan your trip for you and help you out with all the details!

He knows all the best places you can go, the best products you'll want to use and the best ways to do all the sweet adventuring you will ever want to do. That's a cool new verb. Adventuring.

Anyway, this may seem like a shameless plug for a good buddy. And by golly, it just may be!

Check out his site, tell all of your friends and get out there and adventure!

Hey Adventureman, you need to plan me a sweet exciting trip. Hmmm...where should we go? Ideas? Of course you have ideas! You're Adventureman!


heather said...

sounds cool, but i don't get all that from the Web site. The Web site looks like it just sells gear. And there's no location or contact info or even a 'here's who we are' section. bah! i got frustrated and came back here to this part. Maybe the site's not finished yet... maybe i'll go back later and get more info... I'm up for an adventure, though!

anne said...

Good input, thanks. I'll pass it along to the designer!

heather said...

ah, good thinking! :)

anneferris said...

Oh, and there is a link that says, "Trip Suggestor."