Monday, April 17, 2006

Tulips and Easter

Ahh...everything is blooming! Leaves are bursting forth from their budded cocoons, flowers are opening brightly to the sunshine, sprouts are sprouting. Hurray for spring!

I had a lovely weekend for my birthday. Sunshine, warm weather and lots of good times. We went out to my favorite restaurant Friday night and another great place Saturday night. Lots of good eating out!

I got to go shopping on Saturday and even got a much-needed pedicure!
I am so thankful for birthday money!

Sunday was busy as usual but a very good day. Easter services were excellent and the kids services were so very fun. We had a big pile of friends and family for lunch and the kids got to hunt for Easter eggs around our house.

Thank you all again for your wonderful birthday wishes. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of love and ice cream cake... :)

Hubby bought me Narnia along with a new DVD player to watch it on! Whew! I can finally get back to work on SATC Season 2. He also has ordered something for me online, but it didn't come in time so he won't tell me what it is.

My birthday continues for another week!


Bookworm Kiki said...

Happy (belated) birthday! It's nice that you enjoyed it so much :)

Those are beautiful tulips! I love tulips! I just had a birthday too as well as my first wedding anniversary with my husband, so we've got lots of tulips from family and friends displayed around our house too. They tend to help make things look brighter and feel happier don't they?

I can hardly wait to get to work landscaping my backyard this year so that I can plant some bulbs for spring next year.

anne said...

Congrats & Happy day right back at you! :)

I have a few more bulbs to plant for next year too! You can't every have too many!

Jean said...

I love tulips in the park but more, I love twolips after dark. hehe ;)(only my man's of course!).

Marcia said...

I've tagged you. With a meme. But you don't have to do it. But check it out on my blog.