Thursday, November 30, 2006

Alive & Dry

Since it's a good day for bullet points:

*The basement is dry and the water is hot. Very hot.

*My cold has progressed to the point where now I just cough incessently. And wake everyone up at night. Vicks VapoRub to the rescue!

*Hubby & I are seriously looking forward to the mounds of snow we are supposed to accumulate tomorrow. The Sube is ready to go.

*I have to work on Saturday. Phooey.

*It's a dance rehearsal so it won't be all bad. I do need some exercise.

*Last night I exercised. My belly is sore. I must do more pushups.

*Cooking has seriously fallen to the wayside for me. I love to cook, and I love some of my favorite meals, but when all you want to eat is soup and someone else has already gone to the trouble of making that for you, what do you expect? However, cookies will be baked tomorrow. Mocha Fudgies. That's right, I know you want some.


Jean said...

Drive safely today! It's horrible out there!!
MMMMmmmm soup. What kind? You're at least filling up on liquids. :)
Have fun making cookies today!!

Anonymous said...

"Snow? What is snow?" Said the too-long displaced northerner.

Also and unrelated - I finished reading The Preservationist; thanks for the recommend, I liked it. And I've just started The Irresistible Revolution, which also seems like a winner. You're now officially on my Excellent Source For Good Reads list.

Jean said...

I just started reading The Preservationist about an hour ago and I'm now going back to sit on the couch for a few minutes longer to sqeeze in some more pages..

anne said...

Chicken noodle, ramen noodle & chicken-corn-cheese soups. Mmm. :)

RJ, I'm so glad you liked it!! (And are starting to like TIR) I do need to update my recommended book list. Walk through my library and jot some names down that I just LOVED most.

Jean, you will enjoy. It's a perfect day to snuggle down into the couch with a great book! Let me know what you think!!

Hillary said...

Soup and cookies! Just what you need when you're sick. They're miracle foods, I tell ya!

Glad your basement is dry. Hope you feel better soon! :)