Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Birth of a Kitty

Since the cats have been quarantined upstairs, they have all been growing rather, um, chubby. Less running around, more sleeping and thus, more belly. This is a story of what happens to a kitty with a chubby belly.

In our home cat toys find their way inevitably under the closest piece of furniture and currently there are at least ten under the entertainment center. Along with many dust bunnies of course.

Cammie is often found peering furtively underneath in hopes that one of her favorites will be close enough to snag with her little clawless paw. Once every few months, she is so determined that she manages to squeeze herself all the way under.

We never notice the crawling in, it's the crawling out that is so conspicuous. Namely, the squeaking of her paws as she attempts frantically to pull herself out.

Squeak, squeak.

Squeeeeak. Squeak.

Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.



I've tried helping. I"ll grab a paw or two and squish her belly down while pulling at the same time. Somehow that never quite works. She just twists around and backwards and gets more stuck. So we usually just sit back, watch, and laugh until our sides hurt. At the expense of our sad, stuck kitty. But she always makes it out. I swear.


Anonymous said...

Look at that pitiful face!! My cats do that too and you have to just sit back and laugh!

Jean said...

I hadn't realized that she could actually FIT under there! Oh Cam Cam!! How sad it looks with her stuck halfway in and out!!!

Heather Anne said...

Oh! That is so sad and so funny at the same time!

Kat said...

How funny is that!?!?!!? Poor kitty!

heather said...

Okay- THIS is FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm a dog person and I can't but feel for the poor lil' kitty. Though I'm also a chubby belly person so that's totally in the cat's favor. Anyway, at least we can give her an A for effort. And, I must admit, the pictures are pretty adorable. Hopefully she made it out just fine and burned some calories in the process, slimming her belly. I hear you Cammie, slimming the belly is not easy. But we can do it!

Oh man, I so need a pet.

Great post!

Lil Liberal said...

*laughs* One of my dogs does that- two or three times a week in her sleep she'll somehow move herself under a cabinet that's next to our bed. Then she'll wake us up with her desperate scrabbling on the linoleum floor as she tries to reverse her way out. There's enough clearance for her- but her paws are too fluffy and the floor is too slippery. We should probably put down something that will keep her from scootching under there, but it's too funny. :)