Monday, November 20, 2006

Currently Reading

Just starting to get into this book. But I have to say that it already feels like my heart is aching with it. I long for real passion for Christ. I've been living so long in the same place that I am both disgusted with myself and also completely complacent. Not that this book is all I'm hanging my hat on, but maybe it will be a little bit of a kick start. Laziness is often so overwhelming.


BeckyD said...

Sounds like a great book! Maybe one I ought to pick up!
I've missed talking to your recently! What are you guys doing for the holidays? Any special plans? Will you be heading back to NY at all?

Jean said...

I hope it helps. I know you've been having this longing for quite some time. Just needing that kick start.

anne said...

We are going to Iowa this year, Beck. I'm hoping to get back to NY after Christmas. We always have to stay here for that with all the serivces we are involved with. What are your plans?
And so far, it really is a great book!

Thanks Jean... :)

Regular Jeff said...

I was surfing the net and found this by accident. I just read the book and had the same feelings about my life as you did yours. I am still processing it. I have been able to begin to view this book like I do most other Christian books. The book is basically just one guy's journey on what he was called to do. I believe that all of us have our own calling and have to follow Jesus as he leads. I still believe that he has hit the nail on the head in the sense that the church should be more outreaching, not just to convert people, but to also minister to people. It is a struggle. God bless, J