Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 2

Today I:

Sat in on a meeting discussing plans for Christmas events in a room highly decorated for Christmas. Normally this would irritate me to no end, but somehow it was quite nice. The snow gently falling outside the window. I still don't like to hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but since my job requires me to find and choose said music for said Christmas events, I don't really get to avoid that.

Transposed music and made a lead guitar player. Sometimes at my band rehearsals I feel so overwhelmed by how much I don't know that I could quit from my inadequacy. I run back and forth to the office getting things I have forgotten, and we spend half of our time trying to make the sound board produce the sounds we actually want. But then there are a few moments where I just love learning what is best. Taking that guitar player and teaching him how to pick out the solo. Helping each individual to find what key they need to be in so that I can actually sing the song. It was a fun night in spite of my insufficiencies.

Ate Butternut Bisque Soup. Quite tasty, I must tell you. Especially with some asiago cheese grated over the top and a slight squeeze of lemon. Friends who make dinner for you every week becausee they know you don't have a chance to go home are amazing. I can't even tell you how thankful and comforted I am every week by your generosity.

Missed Grey's Anatomy. Big Brother usually records it for me, but I forgot to ask and he forgot to remember. So no one ruin the plot, ok!? Thank goodness for

Went to bed late.

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