Monday, November 13, 2006

Less Than Optimal

Oh faithful readers, my words to you have been few and faithless. My thoughts given to brighten your day have been limited and lacking.

But I will claim business. Seriously.

Friday I had a breakfast meeting with a good friend to catch up and hang out. Good food & good company. Then I rushed home for a lunch meeting with one of the girls on my kids' music team to work on motions for a bunch of new songs we want to introduce. Basically a working-workout-lunch. After I cleaned up from lunch, I made creme brulee and spinach dip for a party I hosted in the evening. Ah... girls night in.

Saturday we had a breakfast meeting for the music leaders for all of our church services. After that I went shopping...which can take up much more of a day than you expect it to at first glance. Hubby came home for a relaxing dinner together and the watching of much Arrested Development on DVD.

Sunday was a regular busy day. Morning services, napping, practice, evening service. Oh, and of course after that was DHW.

Today there was no excuse for my lack of posting. We slept in, watched more AD (hysterical show, especially when watched all in a row) and then had lunch and browsed about on the internet for a while.

I think I'm out of interesting topics. Really, you don't want to hear about the random things I'm doing in my life. I'm bored reading it all. Whoop dee doo, I do stuff.

What is it about ourselves that no matter what, we are the most important person in the story? Or we somehow find a way to become the pivotal role in the story. We wait with bated breath as we listen to the story being told to us, in anticipation of inserting our part right in the middle.

Ugh. I am such a bad listener. I want to make people feel imporant, to know that their story is the only thing I want to hear. I don't even like anything I'm typing tonight. I'm not making sense to myself. Maybe I should just go to bed and try again tomorrow.

Peace out, peeps. Hugs and kisses to you all.


Radioactive Jam said...

Unsolicited "wise guy" remark: at least you didn't type 'baited breath,' which distinguishes you from a distressingly large number of other people.

At work we use the acronym OBE, short for Overcome By Events, to account for incomplete and delayed actions. A possible blogging alternative suitable for "missing" posts would be OOPS - Overcome by Other Priorities and Stuff.

Just some thoughts--

Jean said...

It's the ego-centerdness in all of us that makes us the most important person. You have realized this and are aware, which says a lot. I have to say though, that you are a great listener. You have given lots of wise counsel and this can only be done by listening first. Remember you had said that if you are good at something, to work on being better at it? You're good at listening, so don't put yourself down and think that you aren't. Just work at being better at it. :)

and yes...the creme brulee's were amazing.

Cheri said...

Anne, I relate. When I have looked back in my journals, I think wow I an so focused on ME. Or how mundane my life appears. But whether you realize it or not, your blogs brightens many a persons day, and we all can relate in someway or another. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It brings us all a bit closer.

Carbon said...

No more NaBloPoMo huh? That's quite alright. I couldn't ever post every day. Too hard.

I don't think you are ego centered. So don't sweat the small stuff :)

anne said...

No kidding RJ. I hate misspellings of any kind! And good idea on the acronyms. I really should have been able to at least post a picture or something. Sheesh. Slackah.

Thank you my Jeanie beans...for the encouragement and for eating my dessert. Both mean a lot to me.

Cheri, you are right about the journaling. And I suppose it's better to get it out on paper than to talk about yourself all the time, right? At least, I suppose that's the idea...

Carbon...I'm going to try to pick it back up. And I will likely back-post a few pictures. Just because I said I would. And then try better to keep up. The weekends are the hardest.