Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shooting From the Hip

Can you believe Desperate Housewives tonight!?! Unbelievable!! If you missed it, go now to and watch the most recent episode. Then tell me in the comments what you thought.

On a more normal note, today was a very busy day. I love Sundays but I also look forward to them being over.

We got to church at about 8, prepped and setup for our various services, rehearsed & sound checked.

After the two morning services, we had to rush into one of the main rooms to reset the stage and rehearse for our Baby Dedication. For a room that normally seats about 300 to 350, we found a way to cram in almost 500 family members. It was a beautiful service, ending with cake and family photos.

We cleaned up and got reset for the evening service. I informed hubby that I needed to leave the church just for a little while and we went out to pick up coffee and rest in the afternoon sunshine for a bit. Then back for our evening rehearsal and service. I get to sing in the "big church" services in the evening; mostly because I am there and they often don't have any other girls on the schedule for the evening. And really, having a girl on stage adds a good deal of stage presence, right?!

The worship music portion of the service over, I run over to our children's classroom and do their music also. This week was rather difficult for me as there seemed to be a lot of high-attention kids in attendance. Many of the teachers don't know how or aren't able to keep them focused when there are people on the main stage so I feel like I have to be the leader as well as the crowd controller. But it still went over all right. I do love those kiddos.

Worn out, we still hung around after the service to chat with friends we don't see very often. Then had a couple friends over for leftover Blimpie subs (that were fantastic after being toasted on our Foreman grill) and watched DHW & Brothers and Sisters. Again, please tune into if you have missed this week's episode!

A long day, but a good one as usual. And tomorrow I will have a case of the Monday's. (that means I get to sleep in, make a late breakfast and spend some time on the computer before doing any 'real' work) Man I love Mondays...

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Carbon said...

YES YES YES! About Desparate Housewives! I was totally thrown! I really was getting tired of the Lynnette's hubby's ex fling (I can not for the life of me remember her name!) but I sorta feel bad that they got rid of her like that! WOW!