Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Bring Teva Home Foundation

Here's a question: What is the cheapest and most effective way to ship a kitty (namely one named Teva) from Bethlehem, Penn. to GR?

The Bring Teva Home Foundation thanks you for your efforts.

Well Heather, this is what I have found out for you.

It's not horribly expensive to fetch your baby, but it's not a drop in the bucket, either. I have contacted a few places and the least expensive is potentially only $99. I spoke with someone from PetAir who said depending on which airport you flew her out of (the options are Pittsburgh or Philadelphia) it would be between $170-190. I also spoke with UnitedAir Cargo and they said that it would be $159 regardless of which airport and according to the lady I spoke to at American Airlines, it would be $172 for her. Northwest's website showed their rates with the smallest crate being $150. Continental's rates are based on weight, so if Teva is 9 pounds or less, you could get away with it only being $99! If she is 10 lbs or more, it goes up to $169. Finally, Delta's website has $153 as a minimum rate with an additional charge based on weight.

If you want VIP pampering treatment for Teva, you can get it.

Think Martinis & pedicure.....ok, not really. But you'd think that would be included at this price! For $325 you can get someone to pick her up from her current location, make sure she has a crate, ensuring all the proper certifications are in order as well as vaccines, get her settled on the plane and deliver her to your front door. They also do all of the ticket ordering and planning for all of those services. However, this fee does not pay for Teva's plane ticket. So, really, it would be more like at least $450 after all is said and done.

Maybe that helps you put it all into perspective a little. $150 seems more like that drop in a bucket now.

But that also brings up a few points.

1. She must have had all her vaccines and shots and be able to prove such with her vaccination and health certificates.
2. Her crate will need to have a name, address & phone number visibly attached on the top.
3. You will also need to make sure she is provided with dry food and a dish along with instructions in case there are any delays in flights. It is also recommended that you do not have her tranquilized or give her any food before the flight. :)
4. She will need to be watched until right before the flight leaves and you will need to be there right away to pick her up from the cargo area when her flight arrives.

A few other things to note: If you do not have a crate already for her, you will need to get one. They aren't much, between $15 and $20 for one. Make sure it follows the IATA Live Animals Regulations. It will usually tell you whether it is or is not on the packaging. The smallest crate size for my quoted shipping rates cannot be larger than 21"x16"x15". In regards to your kitty, she must also be able to stand up, sit down and walk around freely or they will put her in a larger carrier.

I hope this has been helpful to answer your question.

Probably wasn't a very encouraging picture...Hmm...

Road Trip?! I'd be happy to go with you! Name the weekend, I even have an extra carsafe litter box!


Jean said...

very well researched!! Impressive!!

heather said...

David and I are cracking up! WAY TO GO! This "Ask Anne" page is incredible!

We're scheming...

Also, I should inform you that as of January 25, The Bring Teva Home Foundation welcomes you as a full member with all rights and priveledges bestowed. Consider your 2006 dues waived.

heather said...

Check out the picture of my feline on my blog... I don't think she'd fit into the "under 10 lbs" category...

Carbon said...

Wow, for $325, they better bring ME the martini's and pedicure! ha ha ha.

cory said...

wow anne - good work on that one...

i think you're even better than google answers!!!

anne said...

Thanks Cory! Quite a compliment! :) So you're saying I could start charging...hmm...'re right, she's not small,huh? Err...that might up your costs a bit.