Thursday, January 12, 2006

Where are all the Kitties!?

Kassi is wondering where I found the cute white kitty graphic for my site and where she could get an "orange striped kitty who is either drinking coffee or riding in a hot air balloon"...or some other form of kitty nonsense, I imagine! A kitty drinking coffee...that would be hysterical!

First of all, so she and anyone else is aware, I had my site done by Kelly from Diary of the Nello. She did an amazing job, and if you've seen any of the other sites she's done, they are splendid also! I sent her the kitty that I liked that I found off off and she took him and made the rest of the graphics off of the idea. My husband would have everyone believe that the cat is farting (great, now that I told you, that's all you'll see) but the kitty just has a very fluffy tail!!

Another great and easy (and free) place to find cool photos and graphics is simply google images. I find a ton of my pictures from these two places. I really want to get Andy to work on drawing me some cool cartoons and caricatures and show off his talents but we haven't gotten our scanner set up yet so I haven't pushed him too much yet.

Ok, so I did some looking. I didn't find anything that was exactly what you were looking for. But found some cute ones nonetheless. From here I would recommend contacting Kelly and seeing what she can do for you. Or what she could suggest. You could relatively easily photoshop in a hot air balloon or coffee cup into this last picture or the first one.

I hope this is somewhat helpful in getting you started on finding the perfect graphic/picture/photo/cartoon for your site and getting just the right feel! Though I think it's darn cute right now as it is!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I really like the first kitty that you put up, with its happy grin and pink nose.


anne said...

Glad you liked! I may have to use one of them for something too!