Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm Leaving...

Tomorrow we get to fly away! :) A six hour direct flight to Los Angeles. Hopefully it will be uneventful, but my flights always seem to be a little bit crazy somewhere.

I'm taking a stack of books and our laptop for watching movies. Sit back, eat my pretzels and anxiously await disboarding (is that the right word?) and removing my snow boots to be happily replaced by flip flops! Yippee for flip flops!

Hopefully we will be kayaking in Carlsbad, surfing, laying on the beach in Monterey, wine tasting and shopping every chance we can possibly get!

It will be a very short trip as we have to fly back on Sunday night, but we get almost three full days in sunny California! (even though it's only supposed to be in the 60's and raining...but I am going to have a positive attitude!)

My brother is supposed to be watching my kitties while we are gone. I am a smidgen nervous about that as my kitties don't really like him very much. He's really loud. And they are rather skitterish about loudness. But he does eat a lot of tuna fish and he always gives them the leftover juice, which they loove. So we'll see how it goes! If he forgets to feed them, they will just start eating his fish out of his fish tanks. Ha!

I'll be sure to post tons of pictures from our trip!


Jean said...

i think it's "disembarking". but i could be wrong. jealous here. have fun. will miss you. boohoo.. :(

anne said...

It could be disembarking. That would work also.
My thought was I get "aboard" the plane and then I "disboard."

Your turn to be jealous. Remember when you left us all for Cancun?!

Jean said...

what about "get on" and "leave". then there's no question as to what those mean. :)

yeah...well...ok. i guess it is my turn.

anne said...

Well, you're no fun.
For some reason, I feel like I have to use big words. Or at least interesting words.

*whine* I just want people to like me. *whine*