Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Christmas in Cali

Ok, so I think that regardless of where you live in the country, when your Christmas lights are still up on January 14th, you need to take a serious look at your priorities.

But when you live in California, and have resorted to putting several blankets of fake snow on the ground, plastic icicles on your roof, a huge blow-up Frosty Family, and your decorations are all still up in the middle of January, then you really have a problem! I like Christmas lights and accessories as much or maybe even more than the next girl, but this house was hysterical! We just had to jump out to take a picture.

If you click on it, you can see it full-size and appreciate fully the lengths these people went to bring Santa to Santa Monica!

The worst were the houses that had the blow-up snow globes. I apologize to you in advance if you have one and you love it and you put it in front of your house. Please don't hate me. But man oh man, they are sooo tacky! Not only do these people have fake snow. But they keep their fake snow continuously blowing around in a bubble. If you really want snow that badly, move north. If you live north, just stand outside for a couple minutes. Yay! Snow!

This is more my style of decorating for Christmas. Classy and toned down. But still cheery and festive.

Ahhh. That feels better. Now I feel like some of that mulled wine. Hmmm...that wouldn't be against company policy, would it?


anne said...

Indoors is different. Unless you have a real tree. But you don't. So it's all ok. :) Especially when you're sick. But if you weren't sick, and you had a real tree, or an air-filled Frosty Family, then we'd have to talk.

Jean said...

is that cute chick part of the decoratio....oh WAIT. that's YOU!! :)

btw..i still have my tree up and all the boxes to put it away in sitting in my living room (for the past two days). and you know what? couldn't care :) but i probably should put them away.

Jean said...

WHEW!! Sam does like the snow globe lawn thingies. sure glad we didn't buy one! I bet you would've come over and popped it. you wouldn't have been able to resist...would've you??

anne said...

OH MY GOSH! I totally would have! I'm not even kidding. But it would have been late at night so he wouldn't know it was me and couldn't hate me forever.


Jean said...

see??? I KNEW you would. you wouldn't have been able to help yourself. haha!!! :)