Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Basement is Peach

Last year when my brother moved in we had just finished a series of renovations. I have spoken of it before.

We mostly-finished off the basement. Didn't install any ceiling, so it's just the bare beams, but I like it that way. But we put in walls and turned one huge basement-y room into a laundry room, unitily room and big living room.

The big living room is the "bachelor pad" where my brother keeps all of his fish tanks and tvs. (There are three of those. Though technically one is also a fish tank.)

Anyway, he painted his living room NY Mets colors. He is a big Mets fan. Always has been. Therefore his room is very blue and very orange. He even took the time while painting to fill in cement and plaster cracks in some of the foundation bricks. Sweet. It actually looks pretty cool for a boy room.

I had asked him at the time (last winter) if he would paint the laundry room for me too. Since he had gotten so adept at that plaster/putty and Kilz technique, I figured he was the man for the job. But baseball season came around and since he gets every baseball station, he was busy watching...baseball.

Every now and then I would say, "Hey, if you want to paint the laundry room this weekend, feel free!" Or something like, "Hey, I found that pale yellow paint in the basement so you can paint the laundry room if you want to." Gentle nudges.

Well, it has happened.

While we were in California this weekend, to be precise.

I went down Monday afternoon to feed the cats, I noticed a bit of a glow that I had never seen before as I went down the stairs. Lo and behold! Peach!

If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that I said I had yellow paint set aside for this project. If you were paying even closer attention, you would have already figured out that if you add very orange to pale yellow, the resulting shade would likely be peach.

I don't mind it, actually. It brightens up the room a good bit and makes it look much cleaner and fresher. :)

It probably looks quite orange here in the picture. But it's really peach. Mmmmm.


Shawn said...

so how was California?? I've still never been. Katie is going to San Fran in March for some pharmacy convention- I am jealous.

anne said...

I'm working on it... :)

anne said...

I thought it was a nice touch...

Jean said...

nice basement color. waiting for CA pics :). nice head band hehe :)