Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ah Crap.

Well, I knew I wouldn't really make it. What if I back-date this so it looks like I did? HA! You'll never know now, will you!?

It's more that I just couldn't top hubby's amazing post yesterday. Well, who could?

I went to the strangest thing today (yesterday, but who's counting?). It was billed as a "baby safety event" but I knew going in that it would be a sales pitch. They were giving out a free gift package and I was surely hoping that it would be a great big pile of baby stuff and therefore figured it would be worth my time.

Coupons. A great big pile of grocery coupons. Fortunately, it is an online deal where I can choose what items I want coupons for rather than just random ones I may or may not use. So all in all, it was a valuable gift as intangible as it seemed at the time.

Oh, and of course the obligatory "free" mini vacation. I haven't checked yet, but I am hoping there will be a Michigan location option so we don't have to fly somewhere.

I'm pretty critical of public speakers and presenters. I've done quite a few presentations in my day, and have studied communication in its many forms, so I feel I can be critical. Though it's way more fun to be critical when you have someone with you to comment with and I was alone. So that wasn't quite as entertaining...maybe that's why the whole thing made me so grumpy.

The guy presenting? I did not connect with him on any level whatsoever. He was unprofessional in his dress, manner and speech. Plus, he kept using male cliches to relate to the men in the room which I found inappropriate. Like I said, my husband wasn't with me, but those cliches don't reflect his manner at all ane I am always irritated when men are continually put down and expected to act in a certain way.

For a baby presentation, I felt there was a huge lack of warmth or nurturing. I did learn some interesting things about baby safety, but this man made it seem as though every product on the market was likely to kill my child. Even items that weren't in competition with his products.

It was just such a bizarre experience.

Not to mention one of the dads who was sitting in front of me who, quite literally, burped at least once every minute. For two hours.

Think about that for a minute. It was so. Gross.

Obviously, he has some kind of medical problem as the woman with him did not seem to notice at all, but couldn't he possibly do something about it? Ever heard of TUMS!?

And of course, as I left the BABY SAFETY session, there was the slew of people who were lighting up their cigarettes.

Like I said, bizarre.


Hillary said...

ah HAHAHA! I totally read your first paragraph and was like, "What? Didn't make it? SURE she did, the last post was Friday, this post is Saturday... she didn't miss a day!"

Ooooooh. "What if" meant "I did."

I'm a swift one! :P

And that session sounds like it was wacky. The burping is just plain gross. Ick. You learned that baby safety involves keeping her away from big burping dude.

Jean said...

Sounds like an interesting conference... :)

Scrapnqueen said...

I don't even know how you can backdate on Blogger. Never figured it out myself. I finished a draft that I had saved a few months ago, and it published it back in the month I started it in. Annoying.

Anyway, gotta love those sales pitches. I get annoyed by waiters and waitresses that call me and my husband "you guys." I'm not a guy. We all have our things, but I also get annoyed by the "let's-put-men-down-for-a-laugh" mentality. Ugh.