Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Signing My Life Away?

No, we haven't purchased life insurance yet. That's still on the to-do list.

Instead, tonight we ordered new counter tops for our kitchen. Frankly, I'm pretty excited about it.

Ok, here is my fancy-shmancy diagram of the current kitchen. You get the idea. Under the sink there is a dishwasher. It is probably as old as the kitchen itself and doesn't work as much more than a dish-getter-wetter.

The counter tops are weird looking fake white & gray marble with nicks, scratches, and plenty of kool-aid stains. I have never liked the counter.

But they've been serviceable.

Here is why we have need to replace the counters. The main purpose is a new, working, energy saving, sterilizing, larger interior space dishwasher.

One we won't have to run twice to get the dishes clean. One that will fit more than a single meal's worth of dishes inside.

As you can see by my second fancy-shmancy diagram, the fridge will be moving and the cabinet unit which was in the fridge spot is
going out and a smaller one is going in.

The dishwasher will then be where the fridge is currently and the counter top extended over the top of that as well as a small cabinet next to it.

We have a new sink that was given to us when friends of friends were remodeling their kitchen. It also has a lovely disposal attached which we are greatly looking forward to having.

The plan was to go with a nice laminate, have Home Depot install it and carry on our merry way. Initially, we both wanted a solid surface, but after pricing it all out, we discovered it wasn't really best for our budget. I was ok with the higher cost for the many benefits, but hubby put his rational foot down.

Tonight when we went in, we had them do the official quote with all of our measurements.

Turned out that it was more to do the laminate than we originally assumed and less to do the solid surface! Well, hooray for me! I actually get the counter I really want!

The overall cost was higher than we would prefer, but we got the 10% discount for a new HD card and have a few months to pay for it. Plus, we have a few things lined up already to help cover the cost.

Now we wait for the installers to come and make their exact measurements, order it up, and get it installed! Tomorrow hubby is going to be moving the cabinetry, fridge and other sundries around.

I cannot wait for my "new" kitchen!


Jean said...

That's going to be SO NICE!!!! Andy will have to pry you out of the kitchen! :) Can't wait to see it when it's all completed. :)

Kris said...

looks like a fun project :)

Bethany said...

oooh, i'm so excited to see it!

anne said...

Well, then come on over tomorrow night and see the current craziness! :) You won't believe what he's done in just one day!

sarah cool said...

Ooooh! That looks fun. Definitely want to see before & after pics!