Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Highway Scare

Tuesdays we usually try to leave work a little bit early so we have time to run a bunch of errands.

Today included:

1. Stopping by the library to select a bunch of books on CD for our upcoming weekend road trip.

2. Hitting the grocery store for milk, cat food (she's been pretty angry at us for the past two days with her empty food dishes), frozen lunches for the next couple of days, paper towels and hair dye. (Gotta cover those greys before my shower, now don't I?)

3. Checking in at The Wood Source (best new-found store in town!) regarding our cabinet doors (that still aren't working quite right) and some hardware for a microwave shelf.

4. Driving to the teacher's store to stamp out some foam letters for tomorrow's family event and watching a truck in front of us take the off-ramp too fast, swerve onto the grass and roll four times.

Wait, what was that?

We immediately pulled over and called 911. Andy passed me the phone and then ran over to make sure the guy was ok. He was getting out of his truck. He was also on the phone calling for help. He seemed fine. Fine. I doubt he'll feel quite so fine tomorrow, but there didn't seem to be any real injuries.

There's a good reminder to everyone to wear your seatbelt, huh? We were both still freaked out after we left the teacher's store. As we drove back onto the highway, we saw a police car and fire truck taking care of the accident.

We'll be taking ramps a lot slower now.


Hillary said...

Holy smokes! That's really freaky!

Scrapnqueen said...

You're dying your hair while preggo? You, um, know that hair dyes are chemicals, right?

Funny how God can remind us of certain things and still make sure everyone's okay. He looks after His kids, doesn't he?

Glad you guys are all right. All three of you. (Four, including the other driver, I guess!)

Jean said...

Watching an accident happen right before your eyes seems to sear in your brain for a very long time, replaying over in slow mo. I'm glad you're ok, that the guys ok.

heather said...


Thanks also for the reminder about DVFX tonight - I KNEW there was something on my calendar for tonight. I'll be there with bells on. Or at least I'll be there.

Kelly said...

That's so scary. And that's why I like my cars low to the ground. That's why I only drive a Jag.

(ha ha, sob.)

cjoy said...

I won't freak you out unless you want me to, and I don't want to be a contraversial person who tells you what to do, so maybe just consider doing a bit of research before opening that dye, please!