Monday, November 05, 2007

The thing about babies... that I want to buy more stuff for them than for me. I suppose that's a good thing, right? Consumerism plagues me like any other American, but since both my hubby & I work for a church, we:

a) know we don't want to get wrapped up in meaningless "stuff" and

b) can't afford it all anyway!

But the cute baby things? SO cute!

My heart has been full to bursting with all of the gifts we have received. We have already had two amazing showers and there are still three more to come! It is so much fun to celebrate this crazy little monkey wiggling around inside and such a blessing to have friends and family provide what we need for her.

Saturday one of the ladies who volunteers to teach in our children's ministry gave me a pair of sweet pink & green booties she had knitted for the wee one.

Sunday a friend who serves on the music team with Andy gave us a cute little pink bunny costume.

Today I got a fabulous surprise gift in the mail! A friend from one of my former jobs sent us the cutest pink & brown onesie. James, you ROCK!

It's such a reminder that I need to stop stressing about how we're going to "make it" when I don't work as much in the spring, not to mention while I'm on maternity leave. We need to make wise financial decisions and be ever so careful with our money. But so much has already been provided for us that I know we will be able to make those wise choices and get by just fine!

Thank you, my friends. I feel as though I don't deserve your love and your care, but I appreciate it so very much.


Jean said...

That onsie is GREAT!! HAA!!!

And it's good to hear your not stressing about how you're going to make it. Remember, the cleaning fairy will be just as available after the little miss is born...

Anne said...

Isn't it though!?

I do love that little's amazing what she can do.

Kelly said...

LUCKY. I wish I had given birth to at least one monkey! :o)

heather said...

anne - i was thinking about you this morning about this very thing... that you guys would have peace about God providing for you during this time because he certainly will. Sit back and watch what he will do...

Kris said...

I have found out that you really don't need quite as much as you think you might. The big thing I keep running out of is burp cloths! You need them everywhere all the time, and the are kinda gross when they are soggy. As for clothes, if you have too many it seems like she grows so fast she only gets to wear something a few times!
We didn't buy anything (except the necessities) until after she was born. The shower gifts were more than enough, then you can fill in with the things you actually find you need later.
Don't stress out about it! I did at times, but she has had everything she needs and then some.
Good luck with your projects :)

Anne said...

That's so good to know, Kris! Clothing I am definitely not worried about...anything I am short on, I can probably sew. I'm thinking about making a cute skirt and pants or something.

Oh, and your little "princess" was so cute!! :)