Friday, November 09, 2007

crazy i need to alliterate?

Hi interwebers!

Andy here filling in for the wife so that she can keep up with NaBloPoMo. First, the title of the post...since this is a blog post, doesn't the adjective for Friday have to begin with an F? like "Music Mondays" or "Tornado Tuesdays" (if you're blogging from Kansas). Thing is that I just can't think of anything good that starts with F. Any suggestions, place them in the comments! So there you, not that...common, keep it clean people!

But as the title suggests, it's been crazy. you know how I know? I still haven't finished reading all my emails from today. When I can't even make it through the inbox then that means I've had too much to do. So now I'm obligated to type you all about it!

I promise to keep it short. Mostly it was all because tonight we had a rehearsal for our CD release party. That's right: CD release party. Saturday night at 7 PM in the Church atrium. Food, Music, CDs...come on out, it should be a good time. Live far away? no problem, I'll send my jet for you. Well, not much more need be said. Rehearsal involves setup and planning and as such my day was filled!

So, one more item of business. No self respecting blogger posts without a picture. Hold on, let me browse...Ah, here's a good one. 10 points if you can name the guy in the photo (not me, duh! The other guy) Hint: Country Music...

This is a Pic from the airport in Nashville. I was on my way back to MI from some mixing sessions and ran into _____ _____ while walking down the terminal. Ha! you almost thought I was going to say his name...well I'm not that easily tricked into giving away 10 points!

Alright! I think I've filled my blogging duties well. Now fulfill your commenting duties. clicky below!


Hillary said...

His name can be unscrambled from these letters... wanna let others play along, too! :)

kldsrohele (gosh, that looks like a word verification!)

Now click on my name to see a picture - who's THAT?
(in the slinky shirt and the blue jacket)

Anonymous said...

Andy, how about Freaky Friday, or better suited, frenzied Friday. No idea on the guy in the pic. Not a fan of country.

--Amanda Hoeksema

Cheeky said...

Ricky Martin? Clay Crosse? Joey Martin? Yeah--I wear cullottes and still use puffy paints.

Andy said...

sorry, the only person i recognize in that pic is you! so i'll make a wild guess and say that it's the 2nd cousin of the queen of canada!

and who is joey martin? relation to ricky? never be ashamed of the puffy pants. i wear them as well, i'm just so friggin' tall that they stretch out and end up looking normal...

Scrapnqueen said...

Kay, I wanna know who these people are you guys are hinting at!

Nice post, Andy. Way to cover your wife's...uh... responsibilities.