Thursday, November 08, 2007


A few steps forward in the kitchen reno.

1. Sheet of plywood in the spot where the fridge will go. The cabinet that was sitting here fit specifically into the tile. Also note the hole that the plywood is covering. Ducts will need to be moved to allow for some heat in this cold kitchen!

2. I'll bet you wish we were keeping this amazing vinyl flooring, don't you? It sure is my favorite.

3. The new dishwasher (!!!) sitting in place next to half of a former cabinet. Wires and pipes sticking out everywhere. Also: note the dirty dishes on the counter? Hopefully those will be getting washed tonight!

4. Voice mail was received tonight from the counter top installers wanting to schedule a measurement time. We are hoping that will be Monday morning.

Also of note (if only to us) is the wood supply store that we discovered this evening. They had the exact stain we needed, many odds and ends for those of us who own older homes, great advice for our project as well as an extremely sweet corner bench and table that we have always wanted for kitchen seating!

We aren't yet sure if we are going to try to find a way to fit that into our budget, but we're pretty excited to actually find a place that has what we have seen in our heads for years.


Jean said...

yay for renovations! has cammie tried to squeeze through the hole yet? maybe that's what has her so meow-ee..

heather said...

definitely progress.

Michelle B said...

Even with not very much done - it's exciting to see - I can't wait to redo a kitchen - just to have the kitchen I really want.

Cheeky said...

I think I had the vinyl flooring in a house when I was growing up. I bet you could cut that out and sell it as "vintage" on e-bay for a bundle!