Friday, November 02, 2007

What a Pain in My Butt

One of the joys of pregnancy is having your blood drawn. Golly, that's just one of my favorite things. At my very first OB visit they took five vials and I just wanted to cry. The lab tech informed my husband that it was so very horribly painful and he had sure better take me out for dinner that day.

He did.

They discovered at that drawing that my blood is Rh Negative. I don't really know what all that means other than the fact that I had to get a protective antibody injection. Yay me!

Those folks who need this shot are supposed to get it at 28 weeks...

31 is close to 28, right?

Due to our recent floor refinishing, paperwork and other random important documents got rather misplaced.

This past weekend, while finishing up the cleaning and reorganizing, I discovered that I forgot about the needed shot.

Fridays being one of the only days of the week we have available for running outside errands, today I was taken to the med center. Frankly, I don't quite understand why they weren't able to just give me the shot at my OB's office, but that was the case.

More blood was drawn. And then the shot.

She said she'd never heard that it was all that bad.

She said I'd just feel the poke.

She lied.

I felt the poke all right, and then the stabbing pain as the medicine went in. Now I'm feeling the ache in my tush as I sit on the couch. Perhaps I need to get a little ice pack to sit on.

As I left she said, "Well, that's nothing compared to labor!"

Thanks for the encouragement, lady. I'm trying to put off thinking about the labor part for as long as possible!


Hillary said...

Erg! How is it that people think that they're helping when they say things like that?

Anne said...

No kidding!! I've still got a good two months to worry about labor, thankyouverymuch!

Jean said...

Obviously she hadn't had that shot before. HELLO!!! It's a HUGE needle and it's NOT supposed to "really" hurt? Hurt, my butt. Exactly.

heather said...


people who have already given birth can say the silliest things to those yet to experience it. it's bad enough that you know it's coming and are dreading it, she didn't have to REMIND you in that way. sheesh.

in the meantime, don't think about the labor - you're better off.

maybe it's time hubby took you out for another dinner.

Anne said...

No kidding Jean!

Heather, he did take me to Fazoli's for lunch... :) That helped dull the pain a smidge. As does the hot cocoa I am currently sipping.

thediaperdiaries said...

BTW- the labor part really sucks. In case you didn't know. It really hurts. I mean really, really, really. I'm just sayin'.

Anne said...

Geez Jill, really? Like, I totally didn't know that. Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into? Forget it, the whole thing's off.

Scrapnqueen said...

I'm O- as well, with my hubby being B+, so I got the lovely shot with all of my pregnancies. And extra blood drawn.

Watch the candy--you don't want to get gestational diabetes and have to get MORE needles! That would be worser, I'm sure. Pace yourself, dear Anne!

Those shots do hurt. A lot. I remember.

Anne said...

Thanks for the sympathy Talena! I did notice a bruise on my tush this morning as wonder!!

You're right, of course...about the candy. I do need to stop. Someone had better hide the cauldron...

jenny said...

I thought I'd tell you a story about my shot---both my hubby and I are A negative, and my first OB/GYN made me get the shot anyway. I guess he thought there was still a chance I'd made this baby with someone else! Second time around, I didn't get the shot, and all of us lived. The whole family is negative! (And I fight this attitude all the time with a 12-yr-old adnd 9-yr-old.)

Anyway, enjoy your pregnancy time---it flies by! You'll not only get used to pain, but you'll eventually lose all your modesty as well. (But you'll get it back!)