Sunday, November 04, 2007


Everyone keeps asking me if the baby is kicking? How am I feeling? Man, you look great!

Well, first of all, thanks. I still feel pretty good. I know the time will come when I don't look so hot and am just huge and big and icky. So I'm reveling in the still-cute-phase.

The tiredness comes easily and following on it's heels is the grumpiness. Not to mention the laziness. Some nights it is so hard to get myself off of the couch!

Kicking? She doesn't do a whole lot of that. Though the other day when I was reading, I noticed that my book was jiggling up and down quite a bit. Frankly made me a little seasick.

No, instead there is a lot of pushing and shoving and stretching. Most of the time I try to push and shove back. Feet don't need to stick out of my belly, thanks--they can stay right inside where they belong!

There's still a lot to be done around here before baby is allowed to arrive:

1. the crib is coming Tuesday (fingers are still crossed on the rocker, cradle, dresser & bookcase)
2. kitchen needs to be remodeled
a. countertop will be ordered tomorrow
b. installation of said countertop
c. buying and putting in a few new cabinets
d. moving refrigerator and new dishwasher in
e. installing plumbing for new dishwasher and new spot for refrigerator
f. tile the backsplash
g. repaint
3. all of the teeny baby clothes need washing and put away
4. garden needs to be winterized
5. bulbs to be planted and hid in the basement for late winter forcing
6. we haven't yet talked to an insurance rep to get life insurance
7. wills need to be made out

Geez. I'm even more tired now. I guess we'd better get to work, huh? I'm planning on at least potting some bulbs tomorrow...can't promise much other than that.

Even worse is the fact that I'm sure there are a bunch of things that need to be done that I'm completely forgetting.


Jean said...

Yes, you still do look amazing and will until the time she decides to enter the world. :)

Your kitchen will look amazing when said projects are done! Can't wait to see the progress!

Jessica said...

Greg and I are also on the search to get life insurance and a will...however, right now it has been more talk of having to do it than actual progress towards the end. It is starting to become a little scary knowing how much is left to be done before she decides to make her entrance! (especially with my lack of energy right now!)

anne said...

Thanks're too sweet!

I can't wait to see the kitchen progress either...ahem.

Jess, I totally hear you on the lack of energy! When one actually sees the number of weeks left, it's hard not to freak right out!

heather said...

oh life insurance! yes, that is an absolute pain because it's such a lengthy process.

your list is long - don't forget that you will be able to do things once she comes (maybe not right away because you'll be sleeping when she is), but you will... :)

in the meantime, get your rest - and embrace those lazy times on the couch.

and i got to witness the funny belly the other night - it's so amazing how it moves and shapes to the little one. maybe she has andy's legs and is trying to stretch out!

Anne said...

Oh Heather, she totally has Andys appendages!! Bony elbows & knees everywhere!

And I know we can still do stuff after...but I so want to get this big project done before. Besides, we have family coming for Christmas and it wouldn't be very practical to have the kitchen all torn up now would it!?