Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Showers Showers Everywhere! aka: Pink Threw Up In My Living Room. Not That I'm Complaining. Plus other random information as well...

**Updated: Now with pictures!**

This past weekend was family and shower central for me.

Friday night we drove to New York in the evening and got in late to a girlfriend's house. They had just bought a spare bed so we got a great night's sleep and then woke up early to go to my first shower of the weekend.

I'm always amazed by how easily I forget people. Not who they are, how they fit into my life, or my memories of them, but their names!

I finally devised a foolproof method for matching up names with faces. Whenever I would open a present from someone, they got to ask me a question about myself or the baby or whatever. So I would say who the present was from and then wait for them to ask the question. Most of the time it worked pretty well...

My mom even got presents at my shower. One of the ladies brought two photo albums for her so that I can send her baby pictures and the nurses can fill it up for her. I think I'll start with sending her ultrasound and preggo pics.

She did pretty well and only tired about halfway through the shower. I was glad we were able to have the shower at her nursing home so she could be there for it.

Saturday night was a family wedding that Andy & I sang in and he did all the music for. It was fun to see so many family we haven't seen in a long time and it was such a beautiful wedding.

I am always entertained to sit with Andy while he's playing a pre or postlude. I throw out a song and wait for him to find a way to play it "background music" style. Like Sexyback or something by Usher. His classic song to work into any event is the Menards theme song. You won't know he's doing it unless he tells you. And of course, he played through most of Switchfoot's bests.

A few of my family weren't able to make it to the shower Saturday morning, and decided to come over to my Grandparent's on Sunday with their gifts. That became mini-shower #4.

Monday was the shower with the girls on my Dad's side of the family and we had a fabulous lunch together and took tons of pictures. What do you think, do we look like we all belong or what!?

Now we are home and organizing the gifts. Piles of onesies by month, booties in one box, hats in another. A few returns and lots to wash. I still need to buy the chemical-free baby detergent.

So much to do, so much to do.

Still on the list:

1. Pick a name.
2. Make a will.
3. Get life insurance.
4. Buy the rest of the necessities. Like a mattress for the crib.
5. Finish thank-yous from this weekend.
6. Find a pediatrician.
7. Make Christmas gifts and ornaments for an ornament exchange.
8. Finish the kitchen.

Number 8 isn't really part of my list as much as it is on Andy's, but we'll count it anyway. I get to do the organizing once everything is in and attached!


Jean said...

She is one decked out little princess! :) I'm so glad you had a great weekend trip/shower/wedding. Can't wait to see all the fun stuff...Maybe Friday? I'll help organize...

heather said...

great idea for remembering people's names! i like it!

Anne said...

Jeanie-bean, she really is. Plus, I just picked up a couple skirts and pants on clearance for her so I can (obviously) use them and also make patterns out of them for more! Woo!

And you are more than welcome to come over on Friday! :)

Heaths, I was sure I was going to drown in embarrassment before I came up with that. There I am being honored and gifted by so many people and I can't call them by name? Horrid.

Enroute Blogger said...

So, you haven't picked a name yet?! Oh man. Well, how about you give me the list of the names you're thinking of and I'll help you get that out of the way.

Jill said...

We have a kick arse pediatrician. Also, we have 2 kids and a pathetic excuse for a will. Then again we have very few assets so it's really just about who gets the kids. We are leaving on vacation soon without the kiddos (yipee!!!) so we really should get on that.