Friday, February 10, 2006

I Believe I Am A Mooch

And not this one either.

I don't think I was a mooch before. But now that I'm trying to be on a tight budget and refusing to allow myself to continually take the $5 out of the ATM so easily within reach, I find that for trivial things like and afternoon cup of joe or candy bar, I just wander through the cube aisles looking sad and hoping someone will bestow .89 cents to my cause. Or .65 cents, whichever the case may be. I even owe .50 cents to the church snack box. Shameful.

I don't forget though. One day when I have a spare few dollars I will share my wealth. I will repay my debts. You who have given so freely will be repaid. Your willingness will be rewarded in kind. I might even share my Reese's.


heather said...

dang - i think i owe you $6 for the Christmas banquet - I carried that around for weeks for you. Did you ever get it?

anne said...

NO!! Sweet! I forgot that people owe ME too!

Jean said...

but you are a cute mooch. who wouldn't give you money??