Friday, February 10, 2006

Let the Games Begin!

Tonight is the opening ceremony for this year's Olympic Winter Games. I'm going to a party to celebrate the opening and to participate in many silly games of our own! I watched practically every event for the Summer Games two years ago and am looking forward to watching tons of Olympics this year.

My mother and I used to be able to watch figure skating for hours together. And I would 'skate' my way around the house for the rest of the day. As much out of sight as possible. We wouldn't want to look silly, now would we?

I'll have to work on getting the hubby to help with the 'lifts' this year. I'm sure he'll be game for it. We'll take pictures, don't worry.

Which is your favorite event? Do you have any memories of watching the Olympics with friends or family?


Carbon said...

Yes, I have very vivid memories of watching Olympics with my family. Anything skiing, downhill or slalom was what we usually watched. Funny thing is that though we have many mountains in the province we live in, my family never ever went skiing. har har.

Jen said...

I love the ice skating events. I also love watching the snowboarding events because after going snowboarding, I realize how hard all of their tricks really are. They always make it look so easy.

Jean said...

I like the luge and bobsledding. I like ice skating too, but my man doesn't, so I've become hooked on luge/bobsledding. I get so tense when they go around the corners and feel myself going moving along with them. It sure isn't relaxing! :)

anne said...

I've never been skiing at all...but I am reaallly good at sledding. Man, can I sled down a hill.