Friday, February 03, 2006

The Things Kitties Do

Now that you are familiar with my good cat Iggy, (If you're not familiar read Part I and Part II to catch up) I'd like to tell you about his favorite "pasttime."

Iggy likes to style hair. I believe I have referenced before how he licks hair. When he was a kitten, he would do it all night long and you couldn't get him to stop. Now he only does it when you are comfortably sitting on the couch minding your own business.

I usually don't allow it as my hair is long enough for him to practically eat it and it breaks off my ends. Not my favorite. Plus I don't prefer tuna-scented hair. Ick.

Andy doesn't seem to mind though. He thinks it's funny. (It also makes him look quite funny afterwards...mohawk ends up being the most common style)

Iggy also gives very good kitty kisses. They're usually of the Eskimo variety.


heather said...

Teva used to do that same thing and it kind of wierded me out. She mostly did it to David. Wierd.

anne said...

The kissing or the hair thing?

I think it's one of those "weaned too early" kind of things.

We have another cat who sucks her foot...

Jean said...

And Cammie who sleeps with her tongue sticking out. you have silly kitties.