Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Own Little World

Am I the only one who completely loses a sense of reality when I start reading? Especially at work lately.

I have had very little work to do so I have been reading. Blogs, random websites, short stories,(EAP), etc.

I stumble upon a new blog every day or so that I feel I must read from beginning to end. Most recently Ramblings of a Green Yogurt, Zach Braff's blog and then his brother Josh Braff.

Whenever I get going on a new site, I feel like I completely tune out of reality. I have a new best friend. I know everything they have ever thought. I am sunk entirely into their life.

And then I look up from my computer screen and look around at my little florescently-lit cubicle and wonder where I am and why I'm there. I like the little world inside my moniter. I want to stay there and roll around in the green, warm grass. It's perfect. It's not my life and it's not necessarily even real. But it feels more real than the documents in front of me on my desk.

I can buy things and window shop. I can keep up on the news and learn about history.

I think I need a dose of reality. I'd better go get a cup of coffee.

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