Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Yep. I'm a believer. I believe that couples should take a few times every year to appreciate each other to unlimited ends. Spoil each other rotten. I don't believe it is the only day of the year to show affection and adoration and emotion. Good heavens, no. But there are a couple days a year that are a good excuse to go over the top. Today is one of those days. All I requested was flowers and chocolates. (last year I was a bit of a brat that I didn't get anything so I tried to mend my ways just a little)

And I don't feel that my flowers and chocolates were diminished in any way due to the fact that I asked for them. Not in the least. I was still surprised to find the big bouquet in my bedroom making the whole room smell wonderfully like roses. And I was also surprised to find the happy little heart-shaped box of chocolates on my chair in my dressing room this morning. It still made me tear up. And I had lots of warm fuzzies in my heart. So much so that I went in to give my hubby a big ol' wet kiss while he was showering and covered with green shampoo.

Oh, and I know no one has asked this (C'mon people, the Ask Anne section is getting a little cold and lonely!) but I discovered the perfect way to display a dozen roses in a vase. Bri would be proud of me.

Courtesy of a 2002 Taste of Home book:

1. Don't use too small of a vase, make sure it's big enough to comfortably put it all the flowers and greens with no squishing.
2. Take green florist's tape and make a criss-cross grid over the mouth of your vase. (Note the very technical diagram)
3. Fill your vase with water.
4. Cut your stems at an angle and under running water.
5. Trim off any leaves that are lower than the water line.
6. Carefully arrange your flowers and any greens
7. If your tape shows at the mouth too much, either arrange more greens around it to cover or wrap a ribbon around the mouth.

Perfect! It's beautiful!

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