Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Speaking of Socks

Would you wear socks specifically designed to be worn with sandals? Is this all the rage and I'm somehow missing out? I guess it's practical if you have cold ankles. I personally usually have cold toes. So this would be impractical for me.

Is this cute? Have these been around for a while and I just didn't know?

For the guy who already wears socks with his sandals, I think he should switch to these. Or just take off his socks. However, it is also winter in Michigan and no one should be wearing sandals anyway. It's almost March which means it's almost spring. Which means it's almost time to wear my flip flops again.


kassiq said...

I think this is kind of weird.

Jean said...

that IS weird. why wear socks at all then? Or you could just wear toe socks to begin with then you're toes won't get cold either! though I have yet to see guys wearing toe socks, except the weird guy on tv...maybe that's why he's weird.

Carbon said...

That is hilarious. Tube socks nonetheless. Do they have elegant black socks to go with fancier black sandals that I have? That is the question. ha ha.

anne said...

Elegant black ones with silver threads.

LOSER said...

Hey you, I'm feeling really hurt. I'm a guy and in the spring and summer I like to wear my leather sandals with black socks and full length bluejeans. I always felt fashionable and confident, but now I'm thinking maybe people have been laughing. Depressed. I'm a loser I guess.

anne said...

No, my friend, you are not a loser. You just need direction and guidance regarding fashion issues.
People may have been laughing, I won't deny it...but they should have been better friends and just told you to quit wearing socks with your sandals!

My husband needed a good bit of reconfiguring before he was fashionable. And now he gets compliments every week!

Oh, and I think when he wears his man flip flops it's hot. But only if I can see his little toesies.