Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nothing Growing Quite Yet

I am going to keep this updated with growing pictures. Not necessarily weekly, but at least at significant, noticable intervals. I'm not going to bore you with pictures that all look exactly the same. At least I'll try not too.

So far we have some dirt. In which seeds have been placed. And over which there are lids to keep the moisture in. (And to keep the kitties out.) That is essential.

There are currently three different types of peppers, onions, basil, cilantro, camomile, poppies, wildflowers and daisies. In a month or so I will seed the squash, cucumbers and melon.

I also have a few packets of cactus seeds that need their own separate planter. But for this I need special sand and all kinds of extra things that I don't have yet. Including the growing light. I need one of those. And a pot warmer to go under the pots.

Of course, there are a ton of other wonderful green things in my plant window! I seem to be doing quite well with aloe for some reason. I started with one little sprout from my grandmother and that one sprouted lots of babies and then I added an aloe donated from a friend. I feel like I should get burned more often so I can use it. It has been awhile since I've had a good burn.

I've also got my violets set so that they flower almost all the time.

All this from a window that gets little to no direct sunlight! Who knew!?


Marcia said...

I so want to start a little herb garden...

Kris said...

that is so neat! makes me want to try some seed starts again, i don't have any super sunny windows either.

anne said...

You so should start an herb garden! All you need are some little pots, dirt, seeds, water and a bit of sunshine!

I'm sure there are a couple windows that get more light than you think. East or West facing without houses or trees in the way is ideal

Jean said...'re going to have these big plants with lots 'o produce and not a lot room for these BIIIIIg plants...sounds like you will be needing to spread the wealth come summer. :)

anne said...

Oh you know I will. You'll have to bring a basket every time you come over...