Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Things I'm Excited for

Pirates of the Caribbean. -- did you know they are already filming the third movie!!??! A girl just can't get enough of Mr. Depp.

X3, MI3

Spring. I can almost smell it.

Getting my hair done at the salon tonight.

The 20th of this month. Day off. Have I mentioned how much I love bank holidays?

Valentine's. No big plans, just a romantic dinner and probably a lot of watching Scrubs.

Which is on tonight! Scrubs, that is.

Lost. Tomorrow night. Of course, I don't get to watch it until Saturday afternoon because I have small group tomorrow night. But I'll still be excited tomorrow night.

Spring. I can almost feel it. But it's 28* today. So not quite.

Ok. That's my excitment for today. What are you excited for!?


Carbon said...

Excited for? hmmmm... the day I get a full night's rest. It's been 3 months and I'm hoping :)

And spring too. I love spring, except for the mud.

Jen said...

Spring when I can lay out on the beach, Presidents Day (i LOVE 3 day weekends) and my next vacation.

Jean said...

Warm weather, my husband to come home (even though he hasn't left yet), shopping on Saturday and my birthday :)