Friday, March 31, 2006


Last night I held auditions for my Half-Notes kids music group. I was surprised that more didn't show up as it seems like everyone is always asking me when I will be holding them again. Ah well...not everyone pays attention to the bulletin, right?

I have a strange audition process, I suppose. I never actually plan on turning any of the kids down. Not because I believe in never telling a kid 'no', but because I need as many kids as I can get and I'm not really interested in perfect pitch. A couple of the kids last night weren't good singers at all. And I have a couple in the group who are downright awful.

But I believe in energy and a kid who really wants to be there and is willing to give their all and just have fun. As opposed to a parent telling them they have to be there or a kid who is too shy to perform.

Some of them were just so darn cute I could have eaten them right up. I think it takes more guts for an 8 year old to perform a song all by themselves in front of two strangers than it would take to perform with a whole bunch of kids in front of an auditorium full of strangers.

One sang the Star Spangled Banner. Knew every word. (I don't think I would even remember every word)

One girl sang Away in a Manger. Deep breath in between each syllable. I tried not to giggle at how cute she was.

So a fun night had by all. Little happy faces going away with a new CD of songs to practice. Parents so proud of their little kiddo. Myself happy to have new kiddos in my little group.


Kris said...

this is the cutest thing i have heard in a long time. what a great job!

Jean said...

That would've been cute to see :) I BET it was hard to keep a straight face :)

anne said...

I wanted to keep smiling at them in encouragement to help them be less nervous, but still try not to chuckle at how absolutely adorable they all were in their nervousness!

Jean said...

;) You are so sweet!! How can those kids not want to be apart of your group :)