Monday, March 13, 2006

For Your Birthday

I need help. Really, I do. I am so horrible at remembering other people's birthdays, it is unbelievable. Somehow I remember how to send cards for my aunts and uncle on my mom's side. I think that's only because one of them is on Valentine's Day and then I remember that the other's are in the same month.

But then I don't remember anyone else. Hubby's dad is the end of February. So if I could remember that there are four in that month, I might be ok. This year we completely and utterly forgot/disregarded/neglected Dad-in-law's birthday. The worst part is that Mom-in-law called the night before to remind us AND we went out for lunch that day for someone else's birthday! How can both of us completely forget!? I don't know. But we did.

So I need help. I am starting to put birthdays down in my address book. This seems like the best place as that is where I will look to send out cards. I will likely also put them on each and every calendar I have in my possession. Which would be about 6. Really. I figure if I have a birthday in at least seven different places, then I will be able to send out a card in time. Maybe I'll make up all the cards for the whole year at once and then put the date on it as to when I am to send it out.
If you don't get a card from me, it doesn't mean that I don't like you. Or that I don't think you deserve a card. And I hope it doesn't mean that I'm a bad friend. Just that I'm a REALLY forgetful friend.

Ok. In the comments please leave your birthdate. So I'll also know how old you are and when to send appropriate, "You're really old now," cards. Put in your anniversary while you're at it. Not that I'm likely to get both birthdays and anniversaries covered, but you never know. I might get really good one day.

Thanks for helping me out here. I promise to try to remember. Really. I do.


BeckyD said...

I know you probably don't want all the info and Anne, you know I don't expect a card from you, ever! But I'll give you all our info so you can be "in the know!"
Becky - May 12, 1979
Brandon - Feb. 18, 1979
Hannah - Mar. 2, 2004
Anniversary - Jun. 30, 2001

Beth said...

I'd love to give you my birthday! :) It's July 14, 1980. I'd also like to give you a tip in the form of handy email reminders. I particularly enjoy using this service--and I enjoy getting an email reminder of someone's b-day 5 days before the date. Plenty of time to get the card in the mail! The site is They have an option for you to send emails to people asking them to put their birthday in themselves, or you can add birthdays (and anniversaries) yourself. Good luck!

Andria said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I second what Beth said, I use the same service and it's been forever since I missed a birthday. They send you the first reminder two weeks out, another one a week out, and I believe a third one as well. Each time you have the opportunity to send free ecards for the occasion. It's great!

Best of luck to you!

anne said...

Ok Becky, I need you to re-email me your new address too! Or at least your new temporary one.

Beth, have you bought that house yet? If so, when are you moving or have you already?

Andria, you apparently don't want a birthday card... ;)

cory said...

i third what beth said, because i was going to suggest it myself. but i'm not giving you my birthday because that would obligate me to remember yours =P


anne said...

Ah gee, Cory...You're no fun.

Besides, your wife just asked for all that info, so you wouldn't really have to remember anything! HA!

beth said...

I have bought the I am just waiting for them to move out of my house! The sellers are building, and thus we worked out an agreement for them to stay. They are supposed to be out by the end of the month, but I'm still hoping for them moving earlier! I'll let you know when I have a date.

One more note about can set your notification preferences. I get a reminder 5 days out as well as the day before.

anne said...

Yay! I can't wait to see it! I'm sure you are so excited to move!

Apparently I have to go to birthdayalarm when I'm not at work b/c it is blocked here. Oh never know what will or won't be.

heather said...

uck - i'm horrible with birthdays, too. i only remember my husbands' because it's the day before mine.

heather - 2.4.80
david - 2.3.82
anniversary - 6.25.05

good luck! let me know how it works for you!

anne said...

Man, David's just a kid...sheesh, Heather, robbing the cradle are we? :)

Well, you won't know how I do until next year. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Andria said...

*grin* It wasn't that I didn't want a card, I just figured that it was more for friends and family than for the general nosey masses.

But since you asked, it's 09/27/75, and thanks. :-)

One good turn deserves another though, don't you think? When's yours?

Jean said...

My b-day: 2-13-75
Ed's: 1-27-70
Sam: 3-26-01
Alina: 3-4-04
Ann: 5-20-95

i don't expect you to remember all of these :) Just mine is fine and you'll have a whole year to remember :)

anne said...

For all of you who may be interested, mine is fast approaching.

April 14th. Feel free to mark it down. I do accept PayPal.

Jean said...

the 14th. not the 16th. the 14th. not the 16th. I NEED to remember this!

The Huismans said...


I know, I know...we're lurkers on this space (at best), but hopefully still friends...just wanted to get in on the b-day-fest:

Anneke 3.3.81
Kevin 8.30.80
Anniv. 6.23.01