Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My husband informed me that I wasn't posting enough today. And I informed him that was his fault since he had the camera and had not emailed me the pictures I had requested. And he informed me that he didn't have the transfer cable. And I informed him that was no excuse.

So anyway, I went back through the pictures I did have at my disposal and I saw I had never posted my fun pictures from my Chicago adventure this past summer.

Before my girlfriend Nikki moved away to California, we made sure to get in one good girls-only weekend at a sweet hotel with plenty of shopping and lots of good food.

We stayed at the Hotel Monaco which is my absolute favorite place to stay in Chicago. It isn't like the usual cookie-cutter hotel. It's cozy, and yet formal. They serve fresh homemade cookies every afternoon and also have a wine hour with complimentary wine.

They welcome pets and unfortunately we didn't bring any as we traveled by train, so instead we were graced with the presence of Killer. The amazing fighting goldfish. Ok, he didn't really do anything interesting, but we bonded all the same.

Ah yes...what a lovely weekend in the Windy City.


heather said...

that looks and sounds like the best hotel ever! fresh baked cookies, free wine and striped walls! amazing!

anne said...

It really was. They have stellar deals a couple times a month too. You should totally check it out.

BeckyD said...

I was beginning to think the same thing! Not enough posts for Anne in one day! I missed hearing from you. I must admit I look forward to your tidbits of news! Looks like the hotel and trip were awesome! Now tell hubby to bring home that camera so we can see more pics! I have to send you some of Hannah with her most recent injury...a black eye!

anne said...

I know...I know... I'll get on it tonight...I promise. :)

Ooo...black eyes on babies are no good at all!