Monday, March 13, 2006


To recap…

Last week I was sick. Mostly better now. Took Monday off of work, which helped a bit I think.

Thursday I spent the whole day at the church working and setting up and in the evening I performed with my Half Notes and a mostly all-kid band for a family event at our church that rocked. The band has only played together a couple times and I already think they are learning so much about being a band. I am also feeling much more comfortable in leading them. It was initially very overwhelming to me because I know so little about how to do this and am slowly gaining understanding and confidence in that. They are also very orange. The kids singing team is on the left, the band is on the right and I'm the one flailing about in the middle!

Friday night I went with a few of my girlfriends to meet up with our husbands/boyfriends across state for a conference that the boys were playing for. As a band, they completely and utterly rock. They are also so familiar with each other that it makes playing together very simple and fun for them. We girls checked into our hotel around 8:30, contacted the boys (who had arrived earlier to set up and rehearse) and they said they had about 20 minutes left before they were done. Ok. We sit and chat and settle in for a bit. After about a half hour we are absolutely starving so we figure we’d better find a place to eat and when the guys are ready, they’ll meet us there.
Girls all head over to Applebees across the street, get a table for 8, order yummy drinks and relax, waiting for boys.
Boys call. Say we are to meet them at a restaurant across town. Say they are heading there right now.
Boys stop by the restaurant where girls are furious. Boys blame girls for going to restaurant. Girls blame boys for not telling girls what the plan was and for blaming girls. Girls are also trying to suck down their drinks as fast as possible. Feeling bad for waitress who thought she was getting a good table, but only got a few weird girls with drinks.
Girls angrily pack up and follow boys across town. By now we are a bit tipsy since we have not eaten in hours so we try to eat as many twizzlers as are at our disposal on the trip over.
Dinner is fine. But we’re faking a little, I think. Lucky for hubby—he is on my side. That always helps.

Saturday we sleep in, the boys go to the conference to play and we have a lovely relaxing breakfast at the hotel. We stop by the conference to meet up with the boys and see what their plan is. “We’re hungry,” the boys say. “We just ate,” the girls reply. Ok, we compromise and go to a coffee shop to chill together for a while. (Besides, the main reason for the girls coming along to the conference is to be with their boys…)
We arrive at the coffee shop. In the doorway, the boys decide they are really hungry and want to go get food. We go across the street and order breakfast. Most of the girls just get little side dishes, as we aren’t that hungry.
The boys go back to the conference to play again and we head off shopping! Girls enjoy themselves immensely wandering through each and every store at the open-air mall in beautiful, warm, March sunshine.
Boys meet up with us several hours later and we go for a late lunch. This was the weekend of much miscommunication and much eating out! But all in all, it was a good time with the girls. And definitely more interesting than just staying home and doing laundry.

Sunday was busy as usual with kids’ classes and lots of jumping and singing. I usually have two other vocal leaders to help with the music but absolutely no one showed up this week! I had my guitarists, but I still felt very lonely on stage all alone. Everyone had various different reasons for not being able to make it. And it somehow all coordinated on one day!
After a yummy lunch of chicken and macaroni & cheese, we took our prescribed afternoon nap with a kitty on my lap. It was warm enough to leave the curtains and the front door open too. Most of the kitties were happily on the front porch watching the world go by. At least until another kitty went by at which point there was much hissing, growling and other random horrible noises. They came in after that.
Washed much laundry. Folded none. Read The Fountainhead most of the evening. I am absolutely loving that book. Just barely past halfway through and I’ve been reading it for a week. It’s ridiculously long.
I was going to plant my cacti, but was too busy reading.
Watched Desperate Housewives & Grey’s Anatomy. Went to bed.

Today is a regular workday. I have very cute shoes on (refer to shoe B3 in Shoe Cube) and a new work blouse so I feel cute even if I don’t feel completely healthy yet. Very little work to do so far today. Drinking coffee…eating M & Ms.

So, that’s all. Anything new in your life? Sorry I only have pictures currently of Thursday. And of course cute shoe in space B3.

**Note: Freaking cute pink shoes freaking hurt cute toes. Good thing office has plenty of band-aids...hopefully will not bleed all over freaking cute pink shoes.


heather said...

nice recap. thanks for the update. now i realize why you seemed a bit frustrated yesterday when i didn't show up - you were all by your lonesome!! so sorry!!

sounds like you had a busy weekend, though. with lots of food.

well, slap on those bandaids and strut your cute self around that office! :)

heather said...

p.s. i love the fountainhead!

anne said...

You've read it?! That's great! We'll have to chat about it sometime...There's just so much to it. I feel like she's deep enough into the characters that I can really know them.

That's ok about yesterday. I understand and wasn't mad at all. It just happened to be the day no one could make it!

My toes are all taped/bandaid-ed up. And I am definitely strutting. Though my toes are fatter now so they are really squishing in...and only a little bit numb. The things I'll do for cute shoes.


heather said...

the sacrifice of fashion!!

yeah - i love that book. well, love in the sense that it's well written. I also taught a book by her one year - can't remember the name of it right now,'s coming to me...nope. i'll retrieve it and get back to me. I mean you. sheesh.

anne said...

HA! You're funny. I'm trying to wrap my head around her philosphy. It's definitely an interesting one and I know there are a lot of people who really buy into it.