Friday, March 31, 2006


I have been informed; nay, mocked for the amount of estrogen currently flitting around my blog. And I realized I need to be more mindful of my readership. I need not ostracize those who may not view life through pink-colored glasses.

My husband reminded me of this last night. We were happily driving along a scenic road and I commented on a sign I saw. I didn't give him context of what I was looking at and he was thoroughly confused. As he, of course, was paying attention to driving.

I said, "I assume you see exactly the same things that I see and therefore will know exactly what I see."

He replied, "That's true, but I see everything with a blue tint and you see everything with a pink tint."

Ah yes, that's right. I forget.

Anyway, in order to serve the boys, I decided to dedicate my post today to them and write about boy things. You know; frogs and bugs and...boy stuff.

So, here you are, boys. And you'd better appreciate it.

Frogs. That eat bugs. And baby mice. (I know, it's sad... I mean... yeah! Eat those mice!)

Scorpions. Scary creatures only boys like.

Fish and Skulls.

Uh...Napping. Napping is good. Boys like napping, right?

Grumble. Urgh. Grunt. Grrr. (That's manspeak for you girls who aren't aware.)


Hillary said...

heeheehee!!! That's hilarious! I love it. Way to go, inclusivity! :)

Jean said...

You are so very sensitive Anne. I'm proud of you. You should maybe add tools in there too somewhere? Just an idea... :)

A guy said...

You forgot cars and sports, and oh yeh, war. And I really appreciated the post, as I almost forgot my nap.


anne said...

I'm thinking about making "Boy Day" a regular occurance.

Stay tuned for next week's episode: "Boys go to War."

Carbon said...

I just don't compute. What the heck is all that stuff? I think you'll need to do a blogpost on feminine hygiene products to get this blog back for the girls ;-)

anne said...

You are so right, Maki! Maybe that will be my topic for today... ;)

cory said...

ha! good effort anne. much appreciated ;-)

anne said...

No problem, Cory. I'm on your side...