Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok, so this was me today. Well, not exactly me as I'm not blonde. But I think I was probably making that face.

I don't usually do this at my job, but this past week or so I have been filling in for another employee in my "spare time."

Collections. It really amazes me every time I have to do this how many people there are out there who wait until someone calls to remind them that they are late on their payments.

Really? You forgot? Oh ok then.

Riiight. When this was my everyday job, my highlight was when there were people whom I had called enough times to know that I didn't have to call them any more. I could just automatically take their payment from their checking account. Instead of being practical and setting up their account in an auto-pay, they just let me do it. And they didn't seem to mind that I would charge them for their late fee every month also.

Really? Do you not pay attention to your books at all? No? Ok then. That makes sense then.

Then there are the churches. I'm calling churches!!! It makes me so sad and so thankful at the same time. Sad that in most business realms, churches have a bad name. They don't usually pay on time. They have bad credit. I have even had pastors lie to me. But I am thankful that my church has excellent financial advisors and that they are exceptionally on top of the financial/business side of the church. It makes for a very good reputation that is so valuable.

I am also thankful that my fellow employee will be back on Thursday to pick up her job again! Whew.


Carbon said...

I'm always amazed how some people have absolutely no idea what their financial situation is or they simply ignore it. Weird, very weird. Plus, I had no idea about churches! Yikes. Who would have thought!

Hillary said...

yeeee... CHURCHES! That's not good!

anne said...

I know...and granted it's definitely not ALL of them, but it does seem to be a trend. Ugh.

Krisco said...

That is amazing.

And what a tough job!

Jean said...

do you get to wear one of those cool headsets? Do you break into song when you are (like forgetting you're there and start singing kids songs)?

anne said...

Yes. And no. I don't often forget and break into song. But my headset is freaking huge. It feels heavy and ridiculous on my head.

Sometimes when I have my ipod on I do wish I could break into song...I usually contain myself to humming a little...