Monday, March 27, 2006

Stuff & Things

So this weekend was good. I did some stuff. Did some things. Puttered around. Etc, and so forth.

Saturday I did a good amount of nothing, in fact. We slept in far too late and I woke up with a horrid migraine. I think I slept on my stomach. Or was grinding my teeth. One of the two. Or both. Anyway, I begged hubby to make coffee once we got up. Unfortunately there was no creamer. Neither of us can drink coffee black. And the only time we use just plain cream & sugar is when we go out to eat. Otherwise, we are spoiled. French Vanilla creamer. Chocolate syrup. Whipped cream. This is quality Saturday morning coffee.

He did however, make me an excellent French Toast and eggs breakfast. He is a stellar breakfast maker.

Then we snuggled up on the couch to read books. He took a nap. (Yes, a nap at about noon after sleeping until 10) While he napped, I ate his Snickers bar. It was just sitting there staring at me longingly. What else is a girl to do!? It was quite funny when he woke up and noticed the now empty wrapper. It still makes me snicker. *ahem*

I finally kicked him to the corner grocery store and he returned with the required creamers, chocolate & whipped cream. He's such a good hubby. I brewed the coffee while he was gone. I didn't even screw it up! Usually he brews it, and he makes it perfectly. I make it "ok."

We drank our coffee. And read the Saturday free paper. Looked through ads. Decided Menards was calling us to purchase fun house project products. I put on clothes (ok, I was in my jammies & bathrobe at two in the afternoon), brushed my hair & teeth and off we went!

I love home improvement stores. Sigh. We have a good relationship too. I buy things, they provide things for me to buy. Especially plants. This time of year I just pile seeds and roots and plants and watering cans and pots and anything else I can fit in my cart.

We got a door, some lights, some plants, a few screws and other odds and ends. Found a good deal on a garden shed. Didn't get the shed, but did some figuring and planning. Went back home. The door fit amazingly in our little cavalier with the trunk shut too! Of course, I had to sit in the back seat with the seat down, so that wasn't very comfortable, but at least the door didn't get rained on. Good thing I'm little.

Um...ok, then we ate some delectable bagel sandwiches, a couple friends came over: he to play in the studio with hubby, she for me to help her hem some pants. Lovely evening in spite of the still pounding migraine. Ordered in dinner. Practiced guitar some more. Went to bed.

Sunday was a usual busy day at church. Fun with kids and good learning. Went to lunch with some good friends we hadn't been able to hang out with in a while. One of the couples had just gotten back from a trip to Israel so it was great to be able to chatter with them about what they saw and learned. Makes me so stinking excited to be going next year!

I cleaned my front porch and set up the hammock. I had my very first Sunday afternoon nap in the hammock in the sun for this year! There is nothing better. Unless it's a nap in the hammock in the sun with a kitten on your lap. I don't believe that can be topped.

Went shopping at Target in the evening with a girlfriend and got way too much stuff. I actually have to return a bunch of stuff this evening. I am both an impulse shopper and often have buyer's remorse. Not a good combination. At least not for the customer service desk.

No, it wasn't a very interesting weekend. But it was a good one. And I always wish I had three days rather than the measly two we are granted. Couldn't we all go on strike until we get three day weekends? Somehow find a way?

What did you do this weekend? C'mon, spill it all. I'm listening!


BeckyD said...

Okay...that's what I was looking for! Sounds like you had a great weekend too!
Well, mine wasn't much more exciting except I did get to go on a C-17 plane ride...before hubby even got to fly (although he's been flying since 9am today!). We also love the home improvement store so after a much needed nap on Saturday afternoon, we headed to Lowe's. Picked out the grill that Brandon wants for his birthday/Father's Day gift. Can't pick it up yet since we can't have a grill at the apartment, but it's on my list of things to purchase once we close on the house and Brandon leaves for the desert. Also realized Lowe's has no flagstone that I would like to use to make my little patio for the grill off our new screened in back porch. So, have to find a little quarry somewhere. Also found some good books with ideas for organization for kids and how to choose just the right color palette for your room. Going to add Lowe's gift card to my birthday list! :) Didn't find any good patio furniture that we liked. Found some that we liked at, but they don't have it at the store and I really want to sit in it before a spend $100s. So...we'll keep looking. Tried out a new church on Sunday with some friends from our squadron and then went out to lunch with their Sunday School class. First thing we've really done with potential new friends. Hannah liked Sunday School so much that she didn't want to leave because she hadn't colored her picture yet and she made a new friend "Simda"..."Samantha." So it's good to see her finding new friends because she's recently started asking for friends from OK and is upset because I don't have pictures of them. Thanks for letting me know about your weekend! Wish I could go back to the days when I could sleep in until 10am! Not only does Hannah always get up between 8am-8:30am, but I can't sleep past 7am much anyway. Hope this week brings you some excitement! :)

The Complimenting Commenter said...

That sounds like a peaceful, relaxing weekend. I love it when nothing is going on and you can just relax. Cool post.

anne said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend too, Becky! Whew! :)

Jean said...

That hammock looks so comfy. must come over and use it.

anne said...

It is. You should. :)

Kris said...

what you described was our idea of a perfect weekend...sleep in, good breakfast, naps, and menards, sewing, friends, guitar (keyboard for me) is good isn't it? we LOVE home improvement stores, and any kind of house project. we even go to those stores for dates sometimes. some of our best dates included lowes and starbucks. mmm...cinnamon dolce hot chocolate...
i didn't get to do any of those things last weekend though, we were visiting his parents and sister who is planning a wedding. that's fun too though.

anne said...

Life is good. Thanks for the reminder! I've been stressed the past couple days and it's good to remember how blessed I am with my life and family and friends. :)

And that Cinnamon Dolce Hot Cocoa couldn't hurt to add in...