Wednesday, March 22, 2006


V for Vendetta was SUCH a good movie! We went to see it Saturday night and it was excellent! A comic book type action movie with great dialoge. Violent and a bit graphic at times, it portrayed its message well and was a perfect night out at the movies.

One of the best parts is the monologe that V gives at the beginning. It's forever long and every other word starts with a "v."

In different but related news, Hubby is working on a new kids' music album and one of the topics he has been given for one of the songs is "a mouthful of marbles." The album is to corrolate with the stories from the life of Moses and this refers to when Moses informed God that he wasn't good enough for Him.

Hubby decided that this song should be somewhat difficult to sing to reflect the idea of Moses' impediment. I copied in his lyrical ideas for the bridge. You can see how this movie has made its way into his writing this week!

bridge 1:
in my lapse and languor loads are lacking yet love labors lengthily to launder lovingly my loathsome life
bridge 2:
in my powerless propensity to pollute each possible production pure and perfect you produce your purpose

I'll be sure to make the album available for purchase here once it's finished!

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