Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is Iggy

He wants to go outside. He will run to whichever outside door we are standing nearest. If we move in the general direction away from one door and towards another, he will run to that one. He is so darn cute. Back and forth, back and forth. And really it is quite annoying when one is trying to get out in the morning and has to kick the cat each time.

But it's still cold in spite of the technicality of it being Spring. So he goes out on the porch for about three seconds and then wants to come back in. But soon. Soon he can go out all day if he so desires. And we will leave him there to smell as many smells as he can. I should probably wash off all the tiny little nose-prints from the window. It looks a bit grimy.


Shawn said...

Our cat, Houdini, does the same thing. ALWAYS wants a closed door open- especially if that closed door leads outside. There are sliding glass doors to the back patio and I think it drives him nuts that he can sit there and SEE outside but can't GET outside. lol So he meows and meows and goes bonkers until we let him out. Cute, but a pain in the butt!

anne said...

Ours are ok with the glassed-in front porch. This to them IS outside. Granted, if they are farther out, they are happy, but they don't fuss so much if they are at least on the windowsill!

heather said...

Teva used to somehow grab onto the doornob of my bedroom door (usually about 2 or 3 am) and kick her legs against the door - it sounded like someone was kicking the door in. She definitely didn't like closed doors...and how did she know I was in there?? did she do that when I was gone, too? or did she just KNOW. wierd