Saturday, March 10, 2007

14 Things We Learned RT07-10

Things we learned in Gatlinburg, TN.

1. If your cabin doesn't provide coffee filters, a paper towel will actually do just fine.

2. Mac & Cheese with Hot dogs is a perfect meal. Especially when you don't want to buy many groceries. Just a box of Kraft, a bag of dogs and milk. Perfect.

3. Andy is too big for most horses. It looks like he's riding a pony, doesn't it?!

4. Andy doesn't know how to tell a horse where to go. We had to stop several times to get him reigned in before he took off in a completely different route up the mountain. But he's darn cute. Andy, not the horse. Well, ok, they're both cute.

5. After two hours on a horse, it's really hard to walk normally.

6. Climbing a 1700 foot elevation over 2 miles may cause one to feel as though they may die.

7. If in charge of the camera, your husband may take a million pictures of your tush.

8. Mountain water is unbelievably refreshing after a long hike.

9. The moon is brighter. The sky is clearer.

10. After a hike like that, with the sun going down and the air getting colder, it's hard to get Andy to smile.

11. A local brewery makes the best brews.

12. Andy kills me at pool, but I'm way cuter, so that earns extra points.

13. We like to take "hold your arm out and shoot" pictures.

14. We wouldn't mind living in Tennessee. The weather was perfect. Perfect.

This was our cabin.


Andria said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like y'all had a great time.

I wouldn't mind it if you guys moved to TN... that'd make us neighbors! And you're right, the weather is perfect!

Jean said...

you two are so cute. :)
Very appropiate riding hat I must say.

Jean said...

i mean "appropriate". I really do know how to spell. 99% of the time. ok....maybe 98.5%.

Scrapnqueen said...

Too much fun!

I love those kind of pictures, too--it's the only way I ever get in front of the camera! (Well, almost.)