Saturday, March 03, 2007

In Florida RT07-8c

From Grandma's in Bradenton to Sister & Brother-In-Law in Fort Myers. Only about an hour's drive. Warm. 80 degrees. AC blowing.

Andy had been waiting for days to play Guitar Hero. He's only played it once before and it's probably one of his all-time favorite video games. Could the guitar look any tinier on him?

We drove to Sanibel Island, only about a half hour away. Since we are so very outdoorsy, we went to a nature preserve to walk and see if we could find any alligators. We didn't, but there were tons of birds. Tons. Of Birds.

When we got to the beach we saw lots of shells and we took the time to stroll on the sand...oh to feel the sand between my toes now. My toes are freezing in socks and slippers here in snowy Michigan. Our vacation seems so long ago already.

Family Photo. This is also the crazy kitty who doesn't really like other people very much. She'll let you pet her for about a minute before she hisses at you as though you may kill her. I think she has still to overcome her inferiority complex due to the lack of tail. She sure can stare though, can't she?


Jean said...

You look so stunning in your beach dress and hat!!!! It's like you've lived there and are a regular beach go-er... :)

Hillary said...

Jean beat me to it! I was going to say... what a fabulous photo of the two of you on the beach! Lovely indeed!

anne said...

I know!! Isn't it the cutest little hat & dress!? I love them. I wore my hat all over the place. We went shopping at a great outlet mall and I got the hat from J.Crew and the dress from Banana Republic for such great deals!!

Thanks for the compliments, guys... :)

Laura Randall said...

Did you know that my hubby-to-be works at the company that makes Guitar Hero? That should be worth a visit to Boston, right? ;)

Anne said...

Ok, A. I didn't know you were ENGAGED!? and B. Yes. Yes, it does. :)