Friday, March 16, 2007

On Another Note...

My stream of consciousness goes like this:

The Renter moved out today. Completely unexpectedly, she told us last night that she got a job as a YMCA camp Programs Director (really?) in Indiana and starts Monday morning.

While I'm thrilled for her, I'm also relieved for us. My husband was wondering how awkward it might be next week while I'm in Chicago. (Yay! for Chicago! and Wicked! with my blog friends!)

The spare bedroom needs painting, so since the room is pretty bare right now it's perfect timing! Hopefully, I can talk hubby into patching a few plaster cracks for me tomorrow and I can get started on that right away! With that done, the entire second floor will finally be painted! Now all we need is new carpet.

I can tell that spring is in the air. It was 71 degrees on Tuesday, and even though today it's down in the 30s again, the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue. The snow is melting away, leaving the first sprouts of grass, shoots of crocuses and tulips and leaves to be raked.

With spring now beginning to sprung (be sprung? springing?) we are starting to think of projects around the house that need doing. A repair on the foundation here, a new dishwasher there, fixing the weak spot in the roof here, building a rooftop garden there, etc and so forth.

Today I purchased a fabulous print that I not only think is beautiful, but the title spoke to me as loudly as if it were in the room with me: While I Wait for Spring. Winter can be enjoyable and many life-giving things found there, but starting even in the fall, I am continually waiting for spring. New life, new goals, new projects, new chances. The geese have returned, my seeds are getting planted, I want to be outside running through the puddles.

Striving to be healthier, to fit more comfortably in my own skin. Filling my head with new thoughts, my body with fresh foods, my heart with true things.

It's not official until next week, but I'm ready to declare it spring.


Jean said...

Here here.

Hillary said...

Yay for the renter moving out! Yay for NEXT!!! WEEKEND!!!! Yay for me being in Chigaco already right now!)

Yay for you!

Yay for everyone!

(gak! 1 minute left!)

Hillary said...

oookay. So that's what happens when Hillary comments under pressure!

I have added more time now. All is well.

I LOVE the print! And the title. Yes, this year more than most I am very much looking forward to spring.

Scrapnqueen said...

Hear! Hear! All hail Spring!

And that was good news about the Renter. Whew! [wipes forehead with back of hand]

Frannie Farmer said...

I love the print too - I love spring even more .. so bring it on.
Are you selling your aprons?

Anne said...

Whew is right, guys! Whew and double whew! :)

FF, you know it! You just tell me what fabrics you like and it can arrive at your doorstep! :)

Jean said...

Now that I know it's not a FABRIC print (hello!), I think it'll look fabulous in your pink room!!

Stacey said...

How funny! I've almost bought that print at least 5 or 6 times! I don't know what's stopping me ... it's gorgeous!! Oh, and I'm SOOO ready for spring, too!!

Anne said...

Stacey, you really should get it! I'll let you know when it arrives what I think of it in person! :)

Carbon said...

Well, it's COOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD here and spring is tomorrow! How rude this weather can be!

I love the print too. You really do have a thing for pink huh :)

Stacey said...

Great, thanks! I've recently redone my bedroom in pinks and thought it would look great!