Saturday, March 10, 2007


Pre-Road Trip

Day One: The Renter

Days One & Two

Day Three: Guest Blogger

Day Five: First Hike

Day Six: Fries

Days Seven: South Carolina

Days Eight Thru Eleven-a

Days Eight Thru Eleven-b

Days Eight Thru Eleven-c

Days Twelve and Thirteen: Hot-Lanta

Days Thirteen Thru Fifteen: Tan-uh-sea

Day Fifteen: Final Figures


Anonymous said...


Melissa Wade here, (Percussion Gary's wife). I'm someone who found your blog from Jean's & I love your pix from your RT07. :)

Got a question for you...could you make 2 aprons for me for Traci A.'s kids? I had brunch w/ her today & we came up w/ this great idea of getting them aprons.

I would certainly pay you for them, but I just wanted to see if you would be able to do that for me. you can contact me @

Thanx so much!

sarah cool said...

How did the renter situation work out???

anne said...

SC, I'll have recent updates soon...interesting developments to be sure!