Friday, March 02, 2007

Gotta Go Back a Few Days RT07-6

The last part of Road Trip Oh Seven that you fabulous blogternet readers read about was our chilly hike through Shenandoah National Park.

That afternoon/evening we arrived in Roanoke, Virginia to stay with one of my teachers from high school. Does that sound weird to you? How many of you would ever think to stay at the home of a former teacher?

My high school was small. So small in fact, that my graduating class was the largest our school had ever seen and came in with a whopping 14 seniors. The teacher that I refer to had been my Math teacher, Science teacher, and sometimes even taught one of our Bible classes. He taught us from 6th grade until we graduated, went with us on a couple of our class trips and was basically one of my many foster fathers through my teenage years.

It was so good to see him and his wife and family after so many years. At least nine or ten, I think. They're just the same. Just the same. My heart was so full and warm to be with them, I thought it might burst.

We left shortly after breakfast for South Carolina. The plan was to do some hiking at Mount Rogers National Park. As often is the case, my plan was a bit faulty.

I don't ride well through hills and mountains. If it is going to be a rough drive, I need to be the one driving. For my tummy's sake. But this time I was the one with the map. Except I didn't have a very good map and I didn't have very good directions. We never found the trail we were looking for.

But we did find fries. Er, Fries.

A very cute little town that just so happened to have a trail along a river. Not the trail I was originally looking for, but it did just fine standing in.

First, we had to have lunch. Since we were in Fries, we figured we should also eat some fries. Covered in chili and cheese.

(Remember how healthy we were going to be? It all evens out with the hiking, right?)

We hiked past the dam, (making up lots of dam jokes along the way, of course) walked to lunch, hiked along the trail, walked back through town to our car and continued on our way to South Carolina. I drove and my tummy thanked me.


Jean said...

That's really funny! How could you NOT have fried in Fries? :)

Hillary said...

That's dam awesome! (GROOOAN)

Wow, those fries look gooood.

Frannie Farmer said...

That looks so yummy.
Can you tell I am dieting?

anne said...

Jean, I KNOW!! That's what we thought...

Thanks, Hills. I was hoping someone would say it. :) Hee hee.

FF, aren't we all!? It's so hard when you pack on the winter (or travel) pounds!