Thursday, March 22, 2007

Weekend Plans

Chicago. With bloggy friends. Excessive amounts of fun. We've discussed the idea of pre-posting our impressions of each other.

Jean--I know her in real life...we're already deep in each other's need to guess what she's like. Easy out on that one.

Hillary--Let's see, she's a 5th grade school teacher, she used to teach music. Very silly. Not afraid of making a fool of herself. Ready to have fun at any instant. But also serious & details oriented. She means what she says and has a true heart for others. She cares hugely. She always has a ready smile.

Sarah--She is also very fun-loving (we are going to have a fabulous weekend with these girls!), very energetic, she likes to go all-out. She treasures her friends and sees the best in them. She'd rather spend time with friends than anything else. She will support you whenever you need it and loves hugs.

I hope to know you all better after two days in the same space than I do after a year of our words. You have become dear friends that I care about without even really 'knowing' who you are.

If you've never met me, what do you think I'm like?


Jen said...

I would think you were very sweet, a little quiet, very artsy and probably have adorable handwriting. I think you and your husband have a great and very loving/silly relationship.

sarah cool said...

Ooh! I agree on the adorable hand writing!!

Anne, you kick butt, thanks for reminding me to do this! FUN!

Anne said...

HAAA....that is one thing I invariably do NOT have. I have always hated my handwriting. It's very average. :)

But yes, hubby & I have an amazing relationship and I can definitely have my quiet moments.

Thanks for commenting...

Nate said...

Chicago! Sweet... have fun. Say hi to the Sears tower for me.