Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cutest Aprons Ever!

I make them tiny now, too! Can you even stand how cute these are?!

I made the first one and thought it was my favorite EVER.

Then I made the second one and knew IT was my favorite ever.

If you need an apron (big or small) email me and we'll set up all the details! I'll probably be making one or two of them today...and they just keep getting cuter.


Frannie Farmer said...

Oh my stars I.LOVE.THEM!
I just emailed you ... I can't wait to wear one of your creations!

Kat said...

How could you post those pictures!?!?! I am totally coveting different aprons now!

anne said...

FF, I can't wait for you to wear one, either! :)

Sorry Kat...but these would be just too teeny tiny for you. It's a toddler size! :)

Jean said...

SO very cute!!!!