Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hot-Lanta RT07-9

It seems in being concerned with the creepy Valentine and getting back to work and all, I forgot to finish up our road trip coverage.

From Florida we sped up through Georgia to Atlanta.

We arrived with slightly cooler, yet still beautiful, 60 degree weather (which I would give anything for right now) at the home of one of my aunt & uncle. It was Sunday night and we got to watch the Oscar's with them while we ate fabulous ice cream sundae's and very yummy enchiladas.

My aunt has been a hair stylist for years. Ever since I can remember, she has been the one to cut it, style it, and (yes, I'll admit I have had them before) perm it. So if I know I'll be anywhere in her vicinity, I will hold off on getting it cut by anyone else.

I know other people have "their" stylist, but I've always been ok being the kind of person who could go practically anywhere as long as the price was reasonable. When it comes to getting it done by my aunt, no one has ever compared. I've never worried about whether I would like it or not, and I've hardly ever had to give her direction on what I want. She just does it, and it's just perfect. So she did, and it was.

Yeah Toast! I believe I had a bagel with cream cheese (can you imagine us going two whole weeks without eating bagels!?) but hubby settled for his usual toast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

After a perfectly relaxing morning of chatting and reminiscing together (and checking email), we said our goodbyes (we never have long enough) and set out on our next adventure:

Where the carts are never big enough, the wallets are never deep enough, and the imagination never stops planning.


Stacey said...

Ahh ... IKEA. I've been to the Atlanta one many, many times and it never gets old! Sounds like a fun trip you guys had!

Anne said...

I've been to a few different ones...and they are always beautiful... :)