Friday, March 02, 2007

Valentine's Post #1 (Caution: Materialism Involved)

I didn't really get a chance to tell my Valentine's story this year as I was a little preoccupied with travelling, but it's a good one.

Turns out, I have two stories to tell, but I'll leave the second for another post later. It's rather creepy.


I like jewelry.

Years ago I worked at Helzberg Diamonds and the experience taught me many things.

A) People buy a lot of things they can't afford.
B) Managers who expect you to own expensive clothing are often snobby but will also give you expensive things because they simply can't stand to see you in 'average' things.
C) The difference between real and fake diamonds and the hurt it causes when you fake it.
D) I like jewelry.

The problem with D is that I don't just like any jewelry anymore, but that I like good jewelry. Also that I have to pick out my jewelry on my own. Like gifts. I can't leave something like that up to chance.

All this to say, when I got a flyer in the mail for a local jewelry store with a special Valentine's deal on a very attractive ring, I fell in love. Or lust. Can you lust for diamonds? I suppose so.

I placed said ring flyer on my husband's dresser not really expecting him to purchase it, and knowing I truly didn't need it, but hoping deep down that he'd buy it anyway.

The other flyer that came in the mail was for a jewelry box. Just enough drawers and spaces for whatever you might need. Spend a certain amount and it was free! I didn't put this flyer on his dresser at first, not wanting to push my luck.

A couple days later, I found the jewelry box flyer in my desk and figured it was worth a shot. Though I realized that there was never really an opportunity for him to make it to the store since we only have one car and I'm almost always with him.

On the first day of our road trip after packing the car full and getting ready to climb in and set off, I found a gift bag filled with tissue paper and sitting on my seat. Completely surprised, but knowing what was in the bag. All day I gazed at my sparkly right hand, stopping now and then to gaze at my handsome valentine.

His story was that the Saturday before, while I was at the salon and at work for most of the day, he had walked over a mile to a friends' house to borrow their car and drive to the jewelry store. Plus, my suspicions were proven correct in that HE had been the thief to steal the $35 that was missing!

Could he be any sweeter? Trying to stash money away and then walking to borrow a car to buy me the one thing that my little heart desired?

It gets better. The night we were driving from New York to Virginia, we stopped in Maryland for the night at a motel. As we unpacked and got ready for bed that night I noticed something strange with all of our luggage.

"Why is there another jewelry gift bag here on the counter?!" I asked, quite surprised.

"What jewelry gift bag on the counter?" He responded wittily.

Inside was the jewelry box!

Turns out he had actually gone to the jewelry store on Friday when I had been home and he had had the car. He told me he was going to be at the music store for a while perusing instruments and equipment for work. Liar. He was there for about two minutes getting something he needed and then off he went to shop for me!

The salesman had tried to convince him to buy another small item so he would have enough to get the free jewelry box, but he said no, he knew I wanted one, but didn't want to get the wrong one...heh heh. He arrived home shortly after I had placed the second flyer on his dresser. I can only imagine the grumbling that occurred under his breath. The next day he did indeed walk to borrow a friend's car, drive back to the store where he told the salesman he needed to purchase something else to get that jewelry box.

What a guy. What. A. Guy.


Hillary said...

hehe, *I* want sparkly things for MY fingers!

What a sweetheart you've got yourself there!!! Wow! And, technically, he didn't lie about going to the music store. ;)

The walking a mile to borrow a car so you wouldn't suspect... yeah, that's pretty much the most awesome thing ever!

anne said...

I know...isn't it?! :)

Jean said...

Again, what a guy. :)

Cheeky said...

Andy--man! I hope you buy him some new shoes for all that walking he did--or at least wax and massage his tired feet for him.

So my questions are:
~What was the second thing he had to buy in order to reach the dollar amt to get the jewelry box (or is that post #2?)
~Where's the picture of the jewelry box?
~I heard you found your wedding ring--do you get to keep both now?
~When are you having surgery to implant some more fingers for all the awesome rings you have? Mahan...your jewelry collection ROCKS!

Michelle B said...

I was wondering about your surprise - glad we could help out and add to the romanticism with having to walk. Now Simon just needs to take some notes. And glad to hear about your trip - how were the Smoky Mountains?

anne said...

1. Earrings. I shall take a pic and battery was dying yesterday!
2. See above.
3. I did. But I don't. Just have to convice myself I mail it in to the insurance so as not to commit insurance fraud. Sigh.
4. Good idea. I'll have to get to work on that! :)

Michelle...I do have to thank you guys for lending the vehicle! The Mountains were great! More pictures coming up!!

Frannie Farmer said...

Love it .. absolutely my style. The ring and the scheme to get the ring.
An absolute keeper - that one!